The room should always suit our tastes and personality. Independently
of size and decorative style we choose, a suitable distribution, which create two environments separating subtly
the dining room, is important in achieving an environment more
spacious, comfortable and welcoming.

The spacious rooms often have architectural features that get this
obviously separation (dividing arcs, steps for two heights ...)
but also in smaller rooms, it is possible to achieve a successful

  • Sofas, lamps, rugs ... decorate and separate Salons Mariola modern style Báez

    The basic furniture in the dining room is formed
    the main table with chairs. Meanwhile, in the area
    dedicated to the living room, comfortable sofas and a low table are the elements
    fundamental. Although space is limited, there are different ideas for
    separate these two zones. Place a carpet only on the part of
    lounge, placing sofas with backs facing the back of the chairs, play with the intensity of the color of paint, or
    change the lighting, spotlights in the living room and ceiling lamps only on
    the dining table are some simple tricks to create the contrast
    necessary between these two environments desired.

  • Decorative panels to create new spaces: modern style salons Mariola Báez

    If we want to emphasize this separation, a good idea is to use the panels
    decorative, fixed or mobile, well in different shades of wood or in
    cheerful colors. Screens or
    glass panels are also excellent choices. With current panels
    decorative, you can easily split any stay, bringing,
    In addition, an original touch with style