Youth furniture proposals that we present are intended not only to make room for the youngest of the house in a place of rest, but also study and leisure life.

Small will have their own space, designed their needs as they grow. And always with the best quality.

  • Bunk bed with trundle bed for small rooms: Rooms of girls style sofa beds Cruces

    Bunks, compact but stylized, they are the perfect solution for children's dormitories with limited space. Four models are available and a variety of colors. Moreover, its textured finish (a material halfway between the lacquer and paint) waterproof and scuff, ensures long life to the piece. All models may include a trundle or storage drawers.

  • Berth with playground under the cam: Children's bedrooms Modern style sofa beds Cruces

    It combines berth loft fabric with a close tipi bottom. So that a space for private games for the child is created. The fabric also has openings and pockets to store toys.

  • Loft bunk bed with integrated table desk: children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    In only 5m2 can be arranged with high loft bunk bed base (200 x 90 cm) and desk underneath a flattened angled bed and his feet, another desk. Thus, the two sisters have their respective areas of study.

  • Bunk bed with desk and built-in library: Children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    This is the ideal solution because in just 3.5 m2 of space can be arranged all these spaces.


    Loft bunk (90 x 200 cm + guardrail 150 cm)

    Library under the bunk (203 x 141 x 39 cm + two lower drawers)

  • Youth bedroom loft bunk: children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    Bunk loft (in the image berth 105 x 200 cm with side friezes and guardrail 120 cm). In this case, it has been fitted with a single lower bed (90 x 190 cm), retaining the library under the bunk (203 x 113 x 29 cm). This model has a great versatility in design.

  • Original berth with guardrails, coupled ladder and lower drawers: Children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    Brightly colored modern composition, with a bunk bed sets, saving space, a corner cupboard and a double desk with drawers their books. This model berth, has a guardrail on the top bed, attached to the foot of the bed and a pair of lower drawers stairs. There is also the option of adding a third bed. It is available in all materials, finishes and colors.

  • Bunk guardrail, ladder and lower drawers: Children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    Berth blue finish with guardrails and metal staircase. It has two lower drawers ideal for storage. the option of a third bed (removable mattress) is also available. Large display in shooters, which allows further customize the bedroom of the smallest of the house. Study tables, bookcases and other matching furniture.

  • shared with bunk bed, white and fuchsia Youth Room: girls style sofa beds Cruces

    ABITACION shared with fixed berth and drawers in fuchsia bajeros finish. This berth also has an original guardrails. Whole set comes complete with a desk, with two parts thanks to the color difference a book with drawers, a wardrobe, a bookcase and a stepped drawers. All furniture is matching with litter and have the same finish. See the materials, finishes and colors available.

  • Sleeper train coupled with guardrails and bed: Rooms Children style sofa beds Cruces

    Train berths are a perfect solution for shared rooms because they save space and, in this case, thanks to the composition, allow adding extra storage spaces (closets, drawers and shelves) in the lower parts. Synthetic sheet gives them a plus durability and practicality because it is easy to clean and durable.

  • Room trundle bed with mattress and drawers: children's rooms style sofa beds Cruces

    perfect proposal for long narrow room floor. In the same wall panel they have placed the trundle with removable mattress and lower drawers, desk with drawers side on both sides and storage modules at the top. The finishes are very good and realistic further measures can be customized to the needs of each bedroom at minimal cost thanks to its method of manufacture. Different models of shooters can further personalize your room.