Setting up home office - this is how efficient work and digital networking work

Setting up home office – this is how efficient work and digital networking work

The Internet makes life comfortable in many ways. This also means that networking can make working in an office in one's own home much easier than before. You can communicate with colleagues and business partners in real-time via chat, attend meetings live via video-telephony, and share files with others in the cloud in one click. As a result, it is no longer necessary to actually be in the office, as in the past, and instead you can work comfortably from home. This is especially useful for mothers and fathers, but also for companies that can do without large business premises by working at home. However, to be able to work optimally and efficiently in the home office requires a certain amount of equipment.

What does a suitable facility look like?

home-office set-orange-elements-for-more-creativity

Regardless of whether a separate room or just a niche in the living room is available for the office in your own home, it is important to have a pleasant atmosphere. This is primarily due to the furniture, which should be best kept in bright colors and high quality. Nobody likes to work on a shaky desk. The colors of the walls and the carpet also ensure a positive working atmosphere. For example, green is good for the home office because it has a calming effect without making you tired. Orange and violet are also recommended because they provide strength and vitalize or promote the power of determination and creativity. In this context, the appropriate lighting must be mentioned, which can also help against fatigue and thus ensures efficient work. In order to save electricity on sunny days, it is advisable to set up the desk near a window. A suitable addition to the daylight is the pendant light, which provides direct light from above directly above the workplace. Even a floor lamp makes this possible and can also be changed individually if it has an adjustable light arm.
In addition, a back-friendly seating position plays an important role for well-being, which is achieved by a height-adjustable desk and a similar office chair. This should also rotate and be scrollable.

What is necessary for the home office?

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Apart from the workplace, efficient work requires certain office equipment, which primarily includes a computer. It is practical to choose a notebook, because this can also be easily taken to customer appointments or on business trips. Also important is an Internet router, which is an important prerequisite for networking with customers, colleagues and business partners, as well as a printer. It makes the most sense to opt for a multifunction device that is fax, copier, scanner and printer in one. On the one hand this saves costs compared to the single purchase and on the other hand saves space because only one device has to be in the home office. In addition, it is recommended that the printer be Wi-Fi capable so that the user can wirelessly access it with various devices such as notebook, tablet and smartphone.
Another option is a printer that supports Google Cloud Print. This is a service that works similar to Apple's AirPrint. However, for the service of Google, the printer and the device from which the print job is sent need not be on the same network. Instead, the files are sent via the web. This allows the user to start a print job while on the move, for example, when he has just been to a customer appointment. Google Cloud Print functionality also allows multiple users to access the same device from different locations.
Necessary for the use of this service is a Google account, through which the printer can be released. In addition, it is also possible to authorize different users.

photo-home-office set up printer_ID

Which printer models are suitable?

If you buy a new printer for your home office, you should ensure that it is marked accordingly to use Cloud Print.
Suitable printers are, for example:

  • HP ePrint models
  • Kodak series: Hero, Office Hero, ESP C310, ESP Office 2100
  • Certain devices from Epson, Canon, Dell, Brother, etc.

If the model is Google Cloud Print capable, it brings with it another important requirement - the permanent connection to the Internet. This is essential for the service to be used at all. Once the basics are in place, Cloud Print can be used immediately after registering the printer. For security, the data transfer via HTTPS Internet connection and will be deleted immediately after sending.
To use the service on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, an app needs to be downloaded. A variant is the same app of Google Cloud Print itself, which is free. Furthermore, alternatives such as PrinterShare, Ease Print or PrintCentralPro (iOS) are available, but they cost a few euros.

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