Ballet poles - the way to perfection

Ballet poles – the way to perfection

Everywhere in the world, girls are born every day who later dream of becoming ballet dancers. This is often the wish of their parents or grandparents. Incredible people invest in meeting their expectations. Everything, of course, starts with the girl's mental preparation. Before it can speak, every day it hears words like "dancing", "fame", "delicacy" and of course "ballet". Then the ambitious mothers continue with the clothing - Tutu becomes part of the everyday outfit of the little princesses. Of course, most people are fascinated by the sweet tots. The attention that she has received on her part also most of the time has an encouraging effect. So you will experience how beautiful it would be to be in the limelight.

When the dream comes true

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Step by step you get closer to the stage. In this long and contradictory way you need a ballet bar from the beginning. She plays the role of the first instrument to master during training. Of course it is suitable for many other sports and dance styles. On such a pole, on the one hand, you can stretch, on the other hand, you can practice new techniques and steps. The ballet bar is accompanied at best by a huge mirror. In this way, the dancers have the opportunity to look closely at their movements and positions and to refine them. The good thing about such a mirror is that it can be placed at home as well as in the gym.

Luxurious decor of the ballet room inspires and motivates to achievements

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Fit, healthy and flexible Home - Private Ballettstudio, which offers the fullest comfort

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Ballet bar and mirror are mandatory elements of a future professional dancer's equipment. The essence of the ballet bar is to ensure stability and balance of the dancers. This makes them suitable for strength and techniques, ie muscles and flexibility, which are particularly important for further development. A ballet bar should not necessarily be on the wall, but is also available on the market as mobile bars or those for floor mounting. The majority of pedestal ballet poles have double prop. This is very useful because the exercisers are usually of different sizes. You could say that this device is the most important thing in ballet dancing. For all stages of the exercise process you need it. The ballet bar helps the dancer to prepare for partnership by being imitated by them.

Perseverance, training and hardships - that's what you should be prepared for, on your way to a brilliant stage

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Pole and other ballet equipment are ideal for almost all other types of dance, as well as the gym. Everyone knows the fitness freaks, who are enthusiastic about their muscles after every exercise in front of the mirror. Of course, that's a positive thing to say because they've put a lot of effort into it. The ballet bar is useful for her and for all other visitors of the studio. There you can exercise a certain amount of stretching exercises to maintain the results and flexibility of the body after weight training.

Ballet bar and mirror - smart device for your little gym

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