Suit with bow tie - over 60 ideas for your stylish wardrobe

Suit with bow tie – over 60 ideas for your stylish wardrobe

Suit with bow tie - have you ever worn one? The fly has been used in the wardrobe for centuries by men as a popular accessory. Today, this fashion occurs again and again, by also a variety of designs and ideas are devised in this direction. Women have also found use of the bow tie in their wardrobe and they enjoy an increasing popularity even with this gender. The last tendency that can be found on the market is proved by the flies made of wood.

Suit with bow tie - it's just a myth that women do not wear flies

suit-with-fly-casual-idea-for-women-street-style-in-the-city-sporty and elegant

Suit with bow tie - whether you are a man or a woman, you probably have suits that you like to wear as well as with a tie, as well as with a bow. If not it is the last time to get one. You might think, "where could I wear this one?". Our answer is for thousands of occasions:

  • Wedding (your own or those of friends)
  • In the office or on a special professional occasion
  • In the theater / opera
  • In a chic restaurant where you are invited to a birthday party
  • Motive party for example Vintage Party (then the bow tie combines beautifully with suspenders)

Are you interested in learning more about the flies? An interesting and surprising fact would be that in the German-speaking world especially many guards are used for this accessory. In Germany itself one calls it as well as "fly", as well as "bow tie" and "loop", in Austria - Mascherl and in Switzerland two words with this meaning are known: "tie" and "Mäschli".

Wooden bow tie is top trend in 2017

suit-with-fly Wood-fly-with-the-characters-of-superman-modern-and-beautiful-ideas-for-the-wardrobe

Other established standards around the fly are known in etiquette. There are two combinations as a class, namely the white bow to the tails and black to the tuxedo. If you receive an invitation to the wedding or reception, it is highly likely that you also have the condition that men wear a bow tie suit. For women, usually only the length of the dress is determined and possibly also color. On the whole, we all know that on special occasions, some rules should be accepted and adhered to. That does not mean that you can not have an independent style. On the contrary, you have an incredibly wide selection of models and designs to choose from. Dive into the world of flies with our suggestions and collect great ideas on how to combine them with your personal style. Below you will find our unique picture gallery.

Varied selection - which loop would you rather take?

blue suit-with-fly-bow ties-bow-bow tie-necktie-Maeschli-papillon-butterfly-design ideas

Grooms often prefer a suit with a bow tie instead of a tie

suit-love with-fly-for-wedding-wear-nice-couple-bride-and-braeutigam-ceremony-marriage-laecheln-

Red fly makes a conspicuous and indicates a fiery character 

suit-with-fly-elegant style-man-with-frack-smoking suit-trahen-with-red-fly-modern

Fancy look for the stylish man in the big city

suit-with-fly-modern outfit-in-the-city-wear-cool style-bow ties-glasses-man-with-style

Keuscher and attractive look for creative women 

suit-with-fly-beautiful-young-woman-carries-fly-and-BRACES-interesting-and-cool style-modern-pocket

Satisfied and confident, you have to wear a suit with a bow tie 

suit-with-fly-and-BRACES-shirt-man is wearing elegant clothes and-loop-ideas-style ideas

On the most special day of life you should radiate elegance and class

suit-with-fly-for-wedding-wear-in love-couple-bride-and-groom wedding celebration-kiss

Stylish at any time in any era

blue suit-with-fly-beige-fly-shirt Red Cloth man-with-style and Elegance great outfit

Brad Pitt also looks intriguing in a suit with a bow tie, right? 

blue suit-with-fly-brad-pitt-its-a-role model-for style and masculinity-elegant-actor-wear-Mascherl

Bow can be part of the school uniform 

blue suit-with-fly-school style-women-wear-fly-and-idea-of-uniform-blonde-student-black-loop


blue suit-with-fly-black-suit-man-in-suit-everyday-bag-hat-fly-combination

Bow ties and suspenders are more indispensable elements of the vintage style

blue suit-with-fly-great-style-of-man-with-blue-shirt-BRACES-design-and-loop

Have fun with the clique - have fun with class

blue suit-with-fly-great-picture-of-three men-black-white-photo-maennerstil-fly with-

Would you dress like that?

blue suit-with-fly-great-design-outfit-blue-shirt-black-blazer-hat-Blumendeko-fly-papillon

Creative and particularly eye-catching idea for the choice of accessories

blue suit-with-fly-great-design-butterfly-fly-idea-colorful-Maeschli-schlips

From an early age, the boys should dress in style

blue suit-with-fly-by-little-an-elegant-clothes-wearing suit-for-young-black-and-white

Bow tie or tie - what do you choose?

fly suit-blue suit-with-fly-ideas-for-design-and-design-of-elegant-clothes

Mix good style with charming charisma and look everyday like a model

fly suit and dark gray suit-with-blue-shirt-red-fly-model-looks-good-in-suit design

Satisfied and stylish celebrate your own wedding

fly suit Elegant-man-with-gray-suit-white-shirt-and-white-loop-laecheln-and-glasses

The loop in the wardrobe of women

fly suit-for-women-woman-with-red-blouse-shirt-with-loop-in-red-red-color-for-women-clothing

Fancy fashion makes one especially popular with women

fly suit Wood-fly-in-two-colors-yellow-and-brown-loop-with-batman-papillon

Vintage wedding in yellow and gray frame 

fly suit-creative-design-gray suit-with-yellow-fly-loop-white-shirt-man-with-bart

A creative idea to insert the bow tie in the everyday wardrobe

fly suit Funny Idea-beautiful-blonde-woman-carries-t-shirt-with-a-picture-of-loop-in-red-color

Models like to wear bow ties during photo sessions

fly suit-models-with-frack-and-hat-black-white suit three-maenner-style-model-foto-idee

Pink color is almost as good to men as it is to women - extravagant fashion for the strong sex

fly suit-pink-shirt-gray suit Stylish-man-with-Brilen-and-fly-in-dark-color

Actors with flies are not uncommon on the rotten carpet

fly suit-ryan-poured ling-carries-black-loop-with-burgundy color-blazer-style ideas style elegance

Puzzle - wooden fly

fly-buy-brown WOOD-loop-bow ties-with-dark-red-element-puzzle-design

The prescribed accessories of the modern gentleman 

fly-buy-fly-pocket Whistle-ingredients-of-corporate style-a-modern-man-design-ideas

This year's trend is to wear a suit with a wooden bow tie

fly-buy Wood-fly-as-gift-for-the-love-man-gift ideas-for-valentine-creative-idea

Our favorite combination of white shirt with bow tie and suspenders

fly-buy Wood-fly-and-BRACES-great-hairstyle-small-boy-cool outfit-stylish-kids photo

Chic men can be found everywhere in the city - everyday fashion

fly-buy-style-in-the-city-elegant-every-day-ideas-for-maenner-business man-jeans-and-bow tie

A special wedding on the beach


Leonardo Dicaprio and Scarlett Johansson - always trendy 

fly-buy-white-shirt-with-fly-leonardo-dicaprio-scarlet-2014-photo-image nice-actor

How men prepare for a special occasion 


Green Velvet is the new hit ...


... combined with a bow for the two sexes


This is what an elegant man looks like


James Bond also relies on suit with bow tie


Eccentric ideas are also popular, although you wear such designs less often than the traditional ones

fly-or-tie Fancy-bow ties-totenkoepf-design-dark-color-idea-bow tie

Father and son - ready for the wedding of the year!

wearing fly-or-tie-wedding-father-and-son-white-ribbon-for-frack-gray suit-

Subtle idea how women could wear a bow tie

fly-or-tie-stylish-woman-in-black-and-white-white-shirt-with-white-loop-model leather pants

The women always prefer the more stylish man


Suit with bow tie with desire and fun wear

shirt-with-fly-colorful-fly-in-white-with-decorations-in-red-orange-and-yellow-diving mask

Suit with bow tie - Italian edition

shirt-with-fly-fancy-fly-with-spagetti-and-tomato sauce-as-decoration-creative-idea

Mysterious and confident look 


Special fly depending on the profession of buying for yourself

shirt-with-fly-fly design-as-scissors-brown-loop-dot-hairdressing clothing

What happens on the red carpet?

shirt-with-fly-jennifer-aniston-and-hers better-man-he-bears-Mascherl-to-long-red-dress-red-carpet style

Jennifer Aniston's partner looks just as smart as she does - role model for a beautiful couple

white-shirt-to-fly-smoking-carries-the-partner-of-jenifer-anniston-red dress-oscars-rates

How do you make a tie out of the tie?

-Customize-fly-tie-in-fly-transform-man-with-white-shirt-and-blue-ribbon-shirt itself-

Tie in design with flies

shirt-with-fly-tie-with-the-stämpel-of-fly-elegant-man glasses suit-city look

Great vintage models

shirt-with-fly-mustache-fly-idee design idea-in-box-gift idea blue-ribbon-dot-white-points

Prepare your husband's joy with such a gift

shirt-with-fly-great-and-creative-design-of-fly-batman-design idea-einzigaritg-bow ties-Mascherl

Eight simple steps how to tie the fly together yourself

shirt-with-fly-like-tie-me-fly-together-step by step-eight-steps-instruction

Anjelina Jolie knows how women can wear bow ties in style

white-shirt-wearing with-fly-angelina-jolie-women-and-elegant-suit-with-fly-and-boots-red-carpet

Interesting designs of flies made of wood


Joseph Gordon Levitt 

white-shirt-with-fly-Joseph-Gordon Levitt-photo-with-bow-and-loose style style ideas

With ties, these gentlemen are not satisfied enough - they need flies!

white-shirt-with-fly-tie-three-elegant-maenner-blue suit-white suit Gray suit

Scissors - fly

white-shirt-with-fly-great-fly design-to-amaze-Scissors-neck-wear-idea-extravagant-creative on

Do not compromise and choose only the best!

white-shirt-of-fly-and-Bows on-grind with-fly-several-models-and-designs-

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