Feng Shui in the study - be even more effective!

Feng Shui in the study – be even more effective!

In general, the Chinese Feng Shui Teaching is about a lot of hints on how to set up your home to have a positive impact on our lives. There are different Feng Shui rules for each room in the house, which are based primarily on the room furnishings, furniture positioning, as well as colors. Feng Shui in the study Your well-being and productivity will increase and help you become more successful. Although it is often difficult and even impossible to follow all the rules because of the specificity of the home, you could at least choose some of those that are suitable for your home.

In the study, for example, the desk is a piece of furniture of particular importance. They should place the desk according to Feng Shui so that they never sit with their backs to the door. 

Look below for our little hints and pictures on the subject Feng Shui in the study.

Success and prosperity? Achieve that with the help of Feng Shui in the study!

away-from-the-door-is-in-office-study room

 Feng Shui in the workroom - beautiful views are desired!

Arbeitszimmer_Zuhause_aubergine Light from-the-window


The red wall is recommended after Feng Shui in the study - red stands for power and luck.


 Feng Shui study Tip: green leaf plants reduce stress and increase the life energy in the room.


Are you lacking creativity in the workplace? The green color promotes creative and artistic work.

Feng-shui-arbeitszimmer green

Create a lot of natural light in the workplace!

feng-shui-back in-arbeitszimmer-to-the-wall--optimal

To work at your desk in the most concentrated and efficient way, you need a sturdy wall in the back.


Optimal is an oval or round wooden desk. The desk should be placed so that you have the entire room and all the windows and doors in view.


Avoid sitting with your back to the front door.

Feng-shui-in-office-desk-no-corners and white

Create order in open cupboards and shelves and place some beautiful objects there, for example a small statue for decoration. 

regulate in-arbeitszimmer-feng-shui-order-

feng-shui-create residential design idea-for-work room-proper-

A plantarium like this will make your working hours happier!

feng shui rules-green-plant

The so-called money tree is also recommended for the work space - after Feng Shui he moves Prosperity. We'll try it right away :) 

after-feng-shui-set money tree wealth

feng shui red-wall-in-arbeitszimmer-to-feng-shui-set-wood desk

green plants open-space wood desk

open-shelf-palm-feng-shui-set in-arbeitszimmer-


desk-in-arebitszimmer-energetic-color orange

We hope that we have inspired you to clear up Feng Shui in the study try out yourself!

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