The Siberian cat - 30 super sweet pictures

The Siberian cat – 30 super sweet pictures

The cat is one of the most popular animals. If we choose a pet, the cat will always be among the first three variants. There are reasons for that, of course. It's not that big, it does not eat too much and in most cases it's not aggressive. The cat has the ability to remove the negative energy and calm us down when we are overworked and nervous. Of course there are people who do not like cats or are afraid of them. We can choose between purebred cats and half-breeds. However, we can easily see how each cat radiates pride and dignity. Let's introduce you to a domestic cat that has all these qualities - the Siberian cat.

The Siberian cat is a purebred cat and is originally from Russia. The term includes a large group of domestic cats. The longer name of the formal breed is "Siberian Forest Cat". Her coat is medium long. She is fluffy and cuddly. The Siberian cat also has hypoallergenic properties and if it plays a certain role - the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has one, as well as Mikhail Gorbachev.

Siberian cat in the forest

Siberian Cat-in-the-trees

Grumpy Siberian cat

reddish-brown siberian cat

Beautiful siberian cat with green eyes

beautiful Siberian cat

White Siberian cat - winner of competitions

Siberian Cat Champion

Three wild cats in the snow

three wild cats

Blue eyed cat in the grass

Cat on grass

This cat is recovering well in the sink

Cat in the sink

Grumpy cat is playing in the snow

Cat in the Snow

Beautiful cat with a clever look

smarter Hangover

Silver-Siberian kitten is playing on the sofa

Silver Siberian kitten

fluffy cat

Gray Cat

pretty cat

Cat-in-windy weather

Cat-in-summer coat


Cat with blue eyes

Cat with green eyes

Cat with Tiger fur

lying Cat

purebred Siberian-kittens

sleeping kitten

Hangover with green eyes

Siberian breed cats Two Cats Hof

sweet cat

sweet white cat

of ebullient race

white-gray kitten

wild cat

wild-Siberian Cat

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