Office and guest rooms combine: ideas for a perfect combination room

Do you work from time to time in your own home but also need a guest room? It is ideal to set up a combination room of guest room and office. For this you need a sofa bed and inspiration for the decor. Here are some ideas on how to make your combo space attractive.

nice-small-combinatorial space-with-a-sleep sofa

Aesthetics and simplicity - this is the ideal combination room

Combining space-make-shelf-desk-sofa bed-and-blinds

If you want to work effectively in the room, the room should look pretty but well-ordered. It is ideal if the bed does not occupy more than a third of the room. Sofa beds have the advantage that you can fold them during the day. Another and very space-saving idea is to choose a wall unit, in which the bed is folded up. This solution is especially practical for small spaces. Even loft beds are one way you can consider. If you have decided on a sofa bed, you will find many attractive models for your household at

Sofa bed, desk and shelving - a good combination

Contemporary combinatorial space-with-a-shelf system and-a-sleep sofa

If the sofa bed is not only used by guests, you will appreciate the furniture if you want to take a break during working hours. In order for the space to be used effectively, large and small wall shelves are helpful. Optimal is a long shelf wall, in which you arrange books, films or deco clearly. In addition, a magazine board is a pretty accessory that creates an overview in your combo room. Your desk should be designed in such a way that the overnight visit does not feel like keeping you away from work. Create enough opportunity to stow your documents. Also cable clutter is not nice for your visitors to look at. Many desks and furniture have effective cable routing that saves chaos in the combo room.

Accessories and lighting - this is how the combination room succeeds

Combining space-modern-lighting-and-practical-furniture

In addition to bed and desk, there are other components that enhance a room. Blank spaces on the walls fill with pictures. A small table on which a plant stands will ensure your well-being in creative breaks and will please your guests as well. Depending on the size of the window you also need a sufficiently large light source. Ideal are dimmable lamps. While working, donate enough light, while guests who are just resting prefer a less powerful light. Roller blinds or curtains protect against bright sunlight, which disturbs the sleep of the guests. For you, these accessories are also useful because you are not dazzled by the sun during working hours.

 A combination of work and guest rooms is a nice solution for occasional home workers.

very-attractive-combinatorial space-with-a-interesting-bedded

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