48 original suggestions for cool beds!

You spend a large part of your life sleeping, so you spend a lot of time in your bed. But should one be satisfied with a single bed for life? If you've decided to start your own new bed and find cool ideas, you can now look at a few unusual but practical beds. Some of these models can be reconstructed or designed according to the needs, preferences and sleeping habits.

The trend is large, wide beds, which have optimal sleeping conditions for a restful beauty sleep. However, the ideal bed usually looks quite unusual and extravagant. You can put it on the terrace, on the beach or in the garden. In addition, the market offers a variety of attractive suspended beds.

This article provides interesting options and creative solutions for those of you who think the bed is not just a place to sleep.

Cool bedding designs for your exclusive bedroom


We have put together a picture gallery with great beds. Take a look at this fascinating selection of outdoor beds, hammocks and romantic beds and get some ideas for cool beds.

Cool beds are very unusual

cool bed-chandelier

Certainly, cool beds create a grandiose ambience

cool bed-headboard-hanging lamps

A round bed for pompous bedroom design

cool bed-headboard-chandelier

Something very special!

cool bed-forest

Cool beds with spectacular views

cool bed-antique-hammock


cool bed-covers-out-and-white

cool bed-blue-verade

Cool beds that look practical and inviting

cool bed-extrem

Cool beds for retro design

cool bed-Window Blinds

cool bed-black-and-white

cool bed-headboard-linen-white butterflies

cool bed-pad Soft carpet-resized

cool bed-pad-gray


cool bed-retro design

Cool beds that could be placed on the veranda or in the garden

cool bed-potter-terrace-Holzern


cool bed-hanging-fireplace

cool bed-hanging-flower pots

Cool beds with curtains

cool bed-idea-for-lighting

cool bed-candles-yellow-stone wall

cool-bedded Idea

cool bed-polyrattan

Cool hanging beds

cool bed-colle-deco

Cool Pendant-bedded

cool bed-mama-und-kind

Cool beds for modern bedrooms

cool bed-lighting-great-headboard

cool bed-lamp-flower pot-resized


cool bed-black-bed-and-white

cool bed-rosy-un-lamp

cool-bedded Round


cool-bedded Ultra

cool-bedded leather bettbezug

cool bed-green pillow

cool-bedded satin bed linen

Cool bed that you can design yourself

cool bed-sch

cool bed-hang-kind

cool bed-terrace-hammock-resized

cool bed - cozy

Playful bed design

cool bed-curtain-white



cool bed-linen-cat

rural-cool bed-linen

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