40 examples of how to decorate Feng Shui bedrooms

40 examples of how to decorate Feng Shui bedrooms

Feng Shui - a Chinese wisdom on how to live in harmony. Do you want that Bedroom after Feng Shui Decorate, then we give some advice!

  1. The Feng Shui colors

The colors should be completely natural to create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere in the room. The colors of earth and brown have a calming effect. Soft natural colors like light blue, green and purple fill the bedroom with chi energy. According to Feng Shui rules, the bright red and orange tones are passionate!

  1. The pictures

A Feng Shui strategy is to choose images and objects that depict your desired things and signify success, love and peace. Hang your favorite piece of art on the wall opposite the bed. The last thing you notice before you go to sleep and the first thing you see when you open your eyes should be something that inspires you.

  1. The lighting

Here are some tips for the artificial light. In the Feng Shui bedroom, many lights should shine. Place lighting over your head, on the table and use wall lights. The light is directed nach Untern example with recessed lights on the ceiling. It is best for harmonious energy that the lights are not so bright!

  1. More tips

The Feng Shui bed should be accessible from both places and should not face the door. The TV, computer or sports equipment is not in your Feng Shui bedroom because you are absorbing the energy.

If your bedroom is not yet set up for Feng Shui, you can do it with small scripts. In the picture gallery, you'll discover 40 incredible examples that give you an idea of ​​how you are Bedroom after Feng Shui decorate.


It's a challenge to decorate Feng Shui bedrooms

 Feng Shui bed for married couple

A small bedroom after Feng Shui

Feng Shui bed-by-little room

The mural gives peace

Feng Shui bed-year-compact

It is essential to set up a cozy bedroom

Feng Shui bed with board

Shall you have a mirror in the bedroom after Feng Shui!

Feng Shui bed-in-the-mirror

Two bedside tables around the bed

Feng Shui bed very-compact

The bright colors promote the energy

Feng Shui bed-and-plants

The lighting on the bedside table is authentic

Bedroom Magnificent Interior Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms With Elegant Bedroom Pertaining To Provide Household

Bedroom - cozy and inviting

Feng Shui bed and table

Hang on the walls what you want to see every day

Feng Shui bed under image

Feng Shui Setting up image of flower

The Feng Shui wall design

Feng shui set-with-flowers

Feng shui set-with-chandelier

Feng shui set-two lamps

Feng shui bed-to-the-wall


Bed linen with nature motifs



Feng Shui rules-for-the-bedroom

Feng Shui rules-of-the-decoration

Feng shui bedroom color blue

Feng Shui guarantees peaceful sleep

Feng shui bedroom colors-gray-and-brown

Feng shui bedroom color green

Feng shui bedroom color purple

Flowers on the murals

Feng shui bedroom colors and white

Feng shui bedroom-in-brown color

Feng shui bedroom-in-green color

Bedroom-to-feng shui abstract image

Lights should not be so bright!

Feng shui bedroom with-green curtain

Feng shui bedroom with panorama

Feng shui bedroom with Silver Deco

Feng shui bedroom with-many-pillows

Bedroom by feng shui purple accent

Love, peace, harmony

Bedroom by feng shui with Endorsements

Bedroom by feng shui with images-of-interest

Bedroom by feng shui with-Budah

Bedroom by feng shui with-a-closet

Bedroom by feng shui with glass wall

Bedroom by feng shui with stool

Bedroom by feng shui with palm trees

The decoration should not be noticeable

Bedroom by feng shui with Round Decoration

Bedroom by feng shui with WallDecal

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