43 stylish models blankets for crochet

When the weather gets cold and you stay home for a long time, you can cuddle up in a soft, handmade blanket. If you want a very warm blanket, blanket for crocheting yourself would be a great idea. In winter days, the blankets, which are knitted from different yarns, create a particularly cozy and comfortable ambience in the living room or bedroom. These blankets can be used as a bedspread over the bed and as a blanket on the sofa. Even for babies, the handmade blankets serve well to protect them from the cold.

Now look at these patterns and get ideas for Blankets for crochet. Here is a collection of stylish ceiling projects that you can try. There are numerous variants, both subtle and imaginative. There should be something suitable for everyone.

Blankets for crochet: Put pretty accents in the bedroom


Some delicate blankets for crochet

Ceiling crochet-pretty-elegant-on-the-couch-by-flowers-resized

Crochet stylish bedspread in the bedroom itself

Ceiling crochet-brown-modern-resized

Crochet artful blankets

Ceiling crochet colorful-motives-resized

Original design bedspread

Ceiling crochet-on-the-bed-only-one-color-resized

Handknitted wool blanket

Ceiling crochet-on-couch-resized

Comfortable rug that is hand knitted


Gray and white cotton blankie


Fresh ceiling for indoor and outdoor use

Ceiling crochet colorful-polyrattan-furniture-on-veranda-resized

Crochet full color blanket for the old sofa

Ceiling crochet-blue-couch-gray-blid-over-resized

Ceiling crochet-and-fits-cushion-resized

Ceiling crochet-but-for-babies-resized

Ceiling crochet three-color-on-the-chair-resized

Ceiling with pattern - "Rosy Tulips"

Ceiling crochet-for-outside-resized

Ceiling crochet-for-bed-and-couch-resized

Ceiling crochet colorful-hanging-resized

Ceiling crochet-for-the-little-baby-resized

Ceiling crochet-for-small-children-resized

Ceiling crochet-by-little-sweet-resized

Ceiling crochet-by-chair-resized

Ceiling crochet-cozy-bedroom-create-resized

Ceiling crochet-black-and-soft-resized

Ceiling crochet-pretty-white-and-floral-motives-resized

Ceiling crochet-on-leather-black-couch-resized

Ceiling crochet-in-blue-resized

Ceiling crochet-in-purple-by-the-couch-resized

Crochet blankets for a rural design

Ceiling crochet-in-white-rural-design-resized

Ceiling crochet small - resized

Ceiling crochet-creative-ideas-resized

Rug - handknitted patchwork

Ceiling crochet-square-motif-resized

Ceiling crochet-square-and-flowers-resized

Ceiling crochet-red-on-the-chair-resized

Small colorful wool blanket blanket 

Ceiling crochet-red-brown-and-green-resized

Ceiling crochet blanket-romantic-resized

Ceiling crochet bedspread gray - resized

Ceiling crochet-and-hang-colorful-resized

Ceiling crochet-and-hang-resized

Ceiling crochet-soft-and-gray-resized

Ceiling crochet two-color-and-couch-resized

Ceiling crochet-on-the-chair-resized

Ceiling crochet two-sided-resized

Gray Ceiling crochet-for-small-child-on-the-couch-resized

Ceiling crochet-gru-white-flowers-resized

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