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Are you one of the people who sometimes feel like escaping not only your daily worries, but also a feeling of deep happiness and comfort? For this purpose you usually need a charming and cozy place where you can relax. And you can say with certainty that a country house has always been one of the best ideas for a really relaxing weekend.

The country house - a rural stylized house, was inhabited at the beginning of the 19th century, usually only in summer. But later - with the urbanization, the country house has evolved to the villa with a possibility for year-round living ... The country house style brings romance and a cozy atmosphere to the apartment, and for this reason it is the preferred choice of many people looking for a relaxing Want to enable relaxation.

Modern country house furniture in front of the fireplace


If you are looking for rustic furniture, we suggest you take a look at the website of Wohnpalast. Wohnpalast offers its customers a comprehensive selection of exclusive pieces of furniture, unique pieces and unusual home accessories in various styles! Here you will find a diverse selection of beautiful softwood furniture. And with the high-quality solid wood furniture you will also have the chance to achieve a cozy atmosphere. Solid wood furniture has a special aesthetic. And yet another advantage: they are antibacterial and thus ensure a healthy indoor climate!

Achieve a cozy atmosphere!


With the country house furniture of Wohnpalast you can make your own apartment very comfortable and relaxing. They should only feel like it! The country style is not clearly defined. Nevertheless, one can say with certainty that the furniture should consist mainly of wood. In this way, you will also have the chance to feel connected to nature. But there are other natural materials that can be used frequently: like rattan, stone or ceramics. At Residential Palace you will find a comprehensive selection of country house furniture: cabinets, buffets, shelves, chests of drawers, display cabinets and verticals ... There is everything you need to reach a country house style.

The country house style is particularly attractive ...


One of the many ideas for great-looking country house furniture from Wohnpalast, which we like very much, is the massive, extravagant dining table made of a piece of teak root with a glass top - thanks to this glass plate you will actually be able to gain a unique view of the tree's massive root system. This fairytale table is really a work of art! You will not make a mistake if you set up your house or apartment with such a table ...

Have you already decided on country house furniture?


We wish you lots of fun and success in choosing the right country house furniture!


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