Set up loft: 92 amazing ideas!

Set up loft: 92 amazing ideas!

Do you know what a loft apartment is? If you are not familiar with this term, we will explain it to you in a moment. A loft apartment is distinguished from the other apartments in that it is located in former industrial and commercial buildings. At the moment it might sound a bit extravagant and unusual to you. But this type of apartment attracts many people. There is certainly something appealing about living in a loft. Mysterious ambience, unique architectural elements, creative decoration ...

If you have his Set up loft If you want, you will undoubtedly need some inspiration. With this in mind, we have selected and arranged 92 stunning photos of interesting loft apartments. Take a look at these real eye-catchers and get amazing interior design ideas for your own home!

Set up loft: chic, elegant and first-class!

loft set-attractive-design

Set up loft: you only need to let your imagination run wild

loft set-unique-modern-design

Creative and interesting furnished loft apartment

loft set-cozy-and-beautiful

White and inspiring features


Elegant interior with black elements

loft set-beige-colored

Beautiful loft kitchen

loft set-attractive-interior

Simply decorated bedroom with a great look

loft set-attractive-bedroom

Creative wall design

loft set-brown carpet

Setting up a loft: creating an aristocratic ambience

loft-set Cool ceiling lights

One-room apartment with unique equipment

loft set-cool-interior

Quite original, right?

loft set-cool-designed

Incredible design of loft apartment!


Great equipment!

loft set-elegant-equipment-many windows

Set up loft: more interesting ideas

loft set-elegant-look

Photo taken from above

loft set-photo-of-up-made

taken loft set-photo-of-Up

loft set-cozy-atmosphere

loft set-cozy-design-great-look

loft set-cozy-ambiente

loft set-cozy ambience-and-modern-furniture pieces

loft set-glass-and-frame

loft set-grand-design




loft-set High-beautiful-room ceiling

loft set-high-ceiling rooms





loft set-wooden-room ceiling

loft set-indirect-lighting

loft set-interesting-equipment

loft set-interesting-cool-look

loft set-interesting-gestaötung

loft set-interesting-look

loft set-interesting-interior

loft set-interesting-interior-in-white

loft set-interesting-stairs

loft set-interior-in-white

loft set-small apartment

loft set-creative-design

loft set-creative-interior

loft set-purple-model-by-sofa

loft set-lufuriöse-design

loft set-modern-lighting

loft-set modern-penthouse

loft-set Modern-look-and-white-image

loft-set Modern-image-to-the-wall

loft set-naturelle-colored


loft set-beautiful-curtains

loft set-nice-window

loft set-beautiful-bedroom




loft-set Silver Ball

loft set-super-large-window

loft set-super-great-look

loft-set carpet-to-the-wall

loft set-toll-look

loft set-great-accent wall

loft set-great-design

loft set-great-interior design
loft set-great-interior

loft set-many windows

loft set-many wooden-boards

Setting-many-lit loft

loft set-many nice-window

loft-set white-penthouse

loft-set white-inneneinrichtung

loft-set white-creative-design

loft-set-white bed-model

loft-set white-beautiful-curtains


loft-set-white sofa




loft-set-white-and-ing attractive


loft set-beautiful-design

loft set-beautiful-column

loft-set-two attractive wallpaper

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