Kinderriegel cake – sweeten your life

Who is hungry for chocolate? Today our team introduces some delicious recipes for Kinderriegel Torte! Collect ideas for decoration in our picture gallery. Little ones like kids chocolate so much, so they're looking forward to a pie made from such sweets. There are two ways to make a cake from Kinderriegel. Either bake such a cake and decorate with it or make a composition from the unwrapped sweets. Here you will find instructions for the two variants!

Kinderriegel cake with a lot of chocolate

Creative Kinderriegel cake with four surprise eggs, Kinder Bueno in two colors, chocolates and chocolate glaze

First, we present a simple recipe for chocolate cake that you can beautify with children's bars.


  1. a spoon of Granule instant coffee
  2. a glass of water
  3. a cup of sugar
  4. two cups of white flour
  5. a cup of coconut
  6. two teaspoons of vanilla
  7. Half teaspoon of salt
  8. two teaspoons of soda
  9. Half cup of oil
  10. two teaspoons of baking powder
  11. two cups of milk


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees! Oil the bottom of the cake pan and cover with baking paper.
  2. Dissolve the instant coffee in water. Mix all ingredients in the food processor and stir until the mixture becomes uniform.
  3. Pour in the cake pan and bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  4. Collect as many kids chocolate figures as possible and decorate to taste.

A nice decoration from different children's chocolates

Kinderriegel cake with two hippos from the bar of children and a surprise egg

Now we show how to mix kids bars with Nutella chocolate! The taste of the cake will be unforgettable.


  1. 150 g of white flour
  2. 100 g of ground hazelnut kernels
  3. 200 g of sugar
  4. 50 g of coconut
  5. 200 g of cottage cheese
  6. 4 eggs
  7. 100 g of Nutella

For decoration - children's bars, Nutella u caramel


  1. Mix the quark and the butter together
  2. Give the eggs
  3. Stir the mixture with the flour, hazelnuts and coconut
  4. Finally, add Nutella and stir until the mixture becomes uniform
  5. Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 140 degrees

For the ornament, heat the Nutella chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then stir until creamy. Pour it on the cake. Then decorate, for example, as in the picture.

Nutella and Kinderriegel cake - sweet and yummy!

Caramel and chocolate glaze, children's product decoration - cake with children's bar

Prepare a child tie cake for the child's birthday. The little daughter or son is thrilled. The following recipe is delicious.


  1. 3 children's bars
  2.  1 egg
  3. 1 small packaging of yogurt
  4. 2 cups of flour
  5. 1 and half cup of powdered sugar
  6. Half packaging baker's yeast
  7. chocolate chips


  1. First, mix the egg, sugar and yoghurt in a large bowl
  2. Second, cut up the children's bars and add the pieces of chocolate
  3. Third, add the flour and baker's yeast to the mixture
  4. Finally, oil a cake pan and bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 175 degrees
  5. Decorate with the favorite products from the children

Kinderriegel cake for a little boy's birthday

two surprise eggs opened, a big surprise egg in the middle - Kinderriegel pie

Cake with chocolate glaze

Child chocolate cake with two half of surprise egg and children bar, an inscription with cream

A cake of two parts

a cake with two faces - dark and bright - children's chocolate cake

Can the cake be considered an art object?

Children's chocolate cake - children's bars made of different types and Nutella chocolate

You may be wondering how to prepare a cake like surprise egg? This is easy with fondant.

  1. Take a shape of ellipse by making a child's chocolate cake
  2. Download a template with the surprise egg logo
  3. Enlarge the letters to match the scale of the cake. Then print it out
  4. Cut out the letters first from the template, then from colorful fondant
  5. For the background, take a piece of fondant in white and cover three quarters of the cake! The other part is covered with fondant in red
  6. Cut the white fondant as it is wavy on the logo. From the remnant you create the milk drops
  7. As I said, that's how easy it is

Surprise cake

Fondant kid's chocolate cake with children's logo on a silver plate

Creative ways to decorate cakes

a sweet chocolate tart with chocolate glaze and small children's bars as decoration

These cakes stimulate the appetite!

a cake with a white cream and chocolate icing - cake with children's bar

For the gift of chocolate you can put together a Kinderriegel cake.

You need:

  1. Two round rubber pads - one small and one big.
  2. Kinder Riegel
  3. carton
  4. double-sided tape
  5. Red bow
  6. red tip


  1. First, draw a line on the cardboard with the height of the child latch
  2. Then cut the strip and stick with the double-sided tape
  3. Attach the patrol to the larger rubber pad
  4. Continue to use the tape to tie the children's ties around the box
  5. Tie the loop over
  6. Cut a circle with the diameter of the cake from the top! Lay the piece on the surface
  7. Repeat the whole process with the small piece
  8. Lay the two parts on top of each other
  9. Decorate to taste
  10. How to create a beautiful and sweet gift

A detailed guide

a perfect gift for a little boy's birthday - kids bar cake

Your Majesty, the Kinderriegel cake!

Kid tie cake - Etat cake with kids chocolate and lilac flowers as decoration

Kinderriegel cake in many colors, with little surprise eggs around it and the name of the three year old

Kinderriegel cake, many chocolate candies, chocolate icing and golden balls

Kinderriegel cake with small pieces of different kinds with chocolate glaze

These pies are so well suited for a birthday

Chocolate-glaze children's bar cake with small flowers of cream and the number three

Kinderriegel cake with many surprise eggs, a hippo figure made of chocolate

Cake with kids tie with the shape of a surprise egg for Hannah

Cake with children's tie tied with a golden ribbon and decorated with strawberries

All products are to be used!

a Überaschaschsei in the middle, a small dragon aside - Kinderriegel cake

a cake on six layer with decoration of children's bars pieces - cake with children's bars

a cake with a lot of caramel and a few children's bars as decoration - cake with sweets

Cake with sweets - a lot of kids bars and colorful candies assembled with a white ribbon

A lot of ideas for decoration

so many surprise eggs and praline on marshmallow glaze - cake with sweets

Candy pie a surprise egg and many children's bars dismembered, chocolate glaze

Candy pie - small chocolate eggs and a big surprise egg

A unique cake

Candy cake with three surprise eggs and many children's bars - a chocolate wonder

a composition of children's eggs children's bars and chocolates - candy pie

Candy pie with many different kinds of children's chocolate and chocolate icing

Children's bars in pieces

Candy cake with chocolate glaze and pieces of children's bars as decoration

Candy pie with a lot of chocolate and cream Children tie pieces as decoration

Children's bar cake with black and white children's bars and chocolates in the middle, red ribbon in the middle

All occasions require something sweet

Children bar cake to the high school graduation with a candle, where Diploma stands and a small hat

many small candies on children bar cake with chocolate glaze

a compact kids bar cake with two surprise eggs one packed and one naked

Kids bar cake with a yummy heart and little kids bars pieces as decoration

Fondant Cakes

a fondant cake in blue and yellow color and chocolate glaze, surprise eggs on it

a surprise birthday with surprise egg for the biennial Julya

Chocolate cake for Julie with Kinderriegel decoration - chocolate childrens cake

Sweets pies to envy

Child chocolate cake many packaged sweets from the children's series

the perfect gift for a little boy chocolate cake with a car

Child chocolate cake for the sixth birthday of a little boy

How to make this beautiful cake yourself - mix all kinds of children's chocolate

We wish you a delicious and sweet cake to enjoy!

a chocolate cake made of children's chocolate with children's bars as decoration

four surprise eggs full of other chocolates, chocolate icing - chocolate cake


Children's surprise with the logo in red and white and colorful letters - cake made of child's chocolate

Child chocolate cake ready to be cut and looking sweet

two surprise eggs, a smaller chocolate egg and a Kinderriegel cake in a boxChildrens chocolate cake with three candles for 5 years old child, with different products of children

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