Wedding newspaper – tips and ideas for your celebration

If you want a fabulous wedding, then you should definitely create a wedding newspaper. Whether you use them as invitations or distribute them during the celebration, you will keep a beautiful memory. Not everyone is fortunate enough to publish a wedding ad in the newspaper. But everyone can have their own wedding paper that guests can own.

Creative ideas for wedding newspaper

Wedding newspaper for a loving couple a photo on the meadow and a big headline

Are you creative or have you dreamed of becoming a journalist, now you have a chance to unleash your potential. Even for those who do not like to create, there are cheap templates, where you can quickly and easily create the newspaper itself. However, it is best to use your own creativity in the production of newspapers. Not only the bride and groom, but also relatives and friends can be involved in the process. Here we give some advice on how to design the wedding newspaper. You can also borrow a lot of ideas from our pictures.

We marry - it's in the wedding paper

Wedding newspaper like the old days, when the newspaper boys carried them

Design from the front page

The title page gives the first impression, so it should be uniquely designed. You have the advantage that you have no competition for your own wedding. But surely you want to have a better newspaper than this, which the cousin distributed to her party. So the front page must impress.

Of the title The newspaper should also appear original, but also put in a bridal mood. You can, for example, call the newspaper "wedding mirror" or "happy times". Heaven is the limit of your creativity! You also like to read a jokeful title. It is most important that the title evokes beautiful associations. After all, the newspaper serves as a lasting souvenir of the happiest day of your life.

The headlines, As with all newspapers, attention should be drawn to the event. For example, as a headline, you can use the proverb or saying associated with the wedding. Some examples to the title:

  • "Claudia gives Klaus the sermon!"
  • "Klaus closes the bond with Claudia"
  • "Klaus leads Claudia to the altar"
  • "Claudia hands Klaus his life"
  • "Claudia and Klaus swap the rings"!

You can also write down a conventional title, such as top or special messages.

The photo is also of great importance for the title page. Of course this is a photo of the bride and groom. Since the newspaper is created before the wedding, it is usually impossible that in this photo wedding dress and suit. However, the couple certainly have pretty pictures together that the two would like to share. For example, this may be a photo from the moment of the marriage proposal. Or it would be a loving reception of the two together. Sense of humor should not be missing. Funny photos or a collage are among the most unique ideas for the title page.

Of the text - The authors can now prove their creativity! Here are some ideas:

  • Short message about the wedding
  • the story of the first date of the bride and groom
  • Interview with the bride about the groom and vice versa

The design - You can contact professionals or design the newspaper yourself. Online there are cheap sites where you could work out the design yourself. Word also has templates for newspapers and magazines that are quite useful in this case. If you are dealing with design yourself or have experience in this area, you can create a beautiful newspaper.

The idea - this is a thematic newspaper, but that does not mean it's not a fancy idea. For example, they present a message for choosing with the names of the newlyweds. Or they introduce a wordplay - e.g. write in large type Verh ... and the letters aftet are underlined. In its place is the word Married.

The best wedding newspaper

the perfect wedding wedding newspaper with the photo of the bride with bridal bouquet

Wedding newspaper content

It is another important point what the newspaper should contain. If you do not have the time or the desire, you can limit yourself to just one title page. But it is much more interesting if the guests can turn the newspaper over. Of course, you can do it all with a little help. Collect your artistic relatives or friends who are helpful. Make sure you have enough time for your newspaper to be ready for the grandiose party. Our tips on how to fill the line:

  1. Information about the bride and groom - interesting facts to learn about the newlyweds
  2. The plan of the wedding - when and where everything should happen
  3. Menu for the party
  4. Directions to the church and to the restaurant
  5. The invitation card
  6. Crossword puzzle, how well the guests know the bridal couple
  7. Still photos with the experiences of the two lovers
  8. Words of mothers and fathers
  9. Article from the friends

The story of a date

a wedding newspaper with the story of the bridal couple, how the wedding day came

Of the pressure

You can either multiply the papers with your own printer or have them printed in a print shop. Of course that depends on the design. Is the newspaper black and white, are there many photos and so on? If you answer this question, you know which variant is the cheapest. Since this newspaper is also a pamphlet, the paper should be qualitative. The newspapers are indeed meant for a day, but your wedding papers should last a long time.

An adventurous couple 

Wedding newspaper examples - how to make an article for choosing with small photos

Of the Time of distribution from wedding newspapers, the content also depends.

  1. Wedding papers as invitation cards - these papers should be ready at least one month before the wedding. This is a very creative idea, because in this way the guests have more than a nice card to keep. It also contains useful information. For example, you can publish the wedding gift list and guests can make an appointment.
  2. Distribute the list at the entrance - so you can list the prescription from the celebration. Unfortunately, however, then the guests deepen in reading, and do not participate so actively in the celebration.
  3. During the party distribute the newspapers - then they serve more as a reminder. For this reason, you fill them with several articles about the bride and groom and with many photos.

Some more tips:

  • they tie the newspapers with a purr, as is traditional, or with a ribbon, which looks more elegant
  • Have children distribute the newspapers to symbolize the newspaper boys
  • You can create not only modern, but also a vintage newspaper

Create wedding newspapers on the Internet

a special moment in the photo Drawing of love birds wedding newspaper

Our team hopes to have helped you with the creation of the wedding newspaper! We wish you a trouble-free coexistence!

A newspaper with wedding photos!

a wedding newspaper like a movie tape made with photos from the wedding of the bride and groom

Arrested or married

a headline like from the criminal chronicle, but with positive meaning in a wedding paper

Discover our other suggestions!

Two cute photos of the newlyweds from a seaside holiday in wedding papers



Newspapers in the picture frame

a wooden picture frame with wedding papers in it and the family of the newlywed

Wedding newspapers in a golden frame with a picture of the bride and groom in true style

An overview of the newspapers

An overview of a wedding newspaper idea, the design from all sides

A newspaper design for the wedding with a photo of newlyweds in a meadow

Wedding newspaper with the photos of the bridal couple and their story

Today is the day!

Wedding newspaper called wedding request and photo of newlyweds with a thick book

on the wedding day, the newlyweds took a picture with the wedding newspaper

a crossword puzzle as a wedding newspaper ideas how well you know the newlyweds

Time for the wedding

Wedding newspaper ideas to create and print the newspaper on the Internet itself

A newspaper will continue to remember the wedding day in the future

Funny wedding newspaper ideas - a great photo of newlyweds and headline Our wedding day

The happiest time in life

two wedding papers before and after the wedding published with photos

two wedding papers from a bridal couple with photos showing the love of both

Wedding newspaper content all useful information about the wedding there read

Inspirational ideas for newspapers

Wedding newspaper ideas with interesting headlines and titles

Vintage wedding newspaper ideas with the newlyweds photographed in old-fashioned dresses

two invitations in the form of newspapers with the name of the invitees - examples Finally you made it is the headline of the wedding newspaper

A newspaper that looks like real

Good Times is the title of this newspaper that talks about the wedding - examples

Let's eat and drink invites the wedding newspaper - wedding newspaper examples

a nice photo of the two standing in front of waterfall - wedding newspaper examples

Plans for the honeymoon

the romantic house where you will spend your honeymoon - wedding newspaper examples

the whole design at a glance - wedding newspaper examples nicely arranged

Wedding newspaper examples - from marriage proposal to the invitation card shown

Good luck to the wedding!

an invitation card in the form of newspaper - wedding newspaper examples


Be punctual for the wedding, the headline of this wedding newspaper is examples

vintage wedding paper examples in paper artificially obsolete, which is an original idea

Design a title page only!

Wedding newspaper with many fancy headlines created by a designer

Wedding newspaper with the plan of the wedding party and chill title. Beautiful photo of bridal couple

Wedding newspaper with long text about the newlyweds and a photo from a high place

a small table for the wedding papers tied with pink ribbon and sweets

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