Make candles yourself: make something very special out of old candle scraps

Candles are one of the most popular decorative elements in every home. They bring light and warmth in the colder days and contribute by their candlelight to a pleasant and atmospheric atmosphere. For all candle lovers today we decided to create this article. Here we show you in detail how to make fantastic candles yourself, with which you turn your apartment into a real well-being place!

Making candles is very easy and is a great job that is undoubtedly worthwhile! You have the opportunity to design the DIY candles in the desired colors and shapes and to decorate them to your liking. Depending on your taste, you can also add essential oils with your favorite flavors, creating luxury scented candles that are relaxing and promoting harmony.

We start with instructions on how to make simple candles yourself. That is how it goes:


  • Candle wax or old candle scraps
  • Wick (you can also use 100% cotton thread or yarn)
  • cooking thermometer
  • Candlesticks of your choice (teacup, can, canning jars etc.)
  • Wooden sticks or straws
  • Two heat resistant vessels for water bath

First, make sure your candleholder is clean. Then take the wick, tie it to the wooden stick or straw and place it across the candlestick. Mince the wax or candles. If you use candle scraps, remove any impurities or wicking material. Now you should melt the wax or the remainder of the candles. Put it in one bowl and then place it in the other, which you have filled with warm water for the time being. Make sure the water does not reach more than 90 degrees to prevent the wax from burning. After completing these steps, you can pour the melted wax into the candle holder. Let it cool and that's all. You already have a pretty DIY candle!

Make beautiful candles yourself

Make candles yourself - ronde, red candle, pink flower, decoration

Make candles yourself: Accessories

Make candles yourself - containers made of glass, lavender, cord, oil

Melt the wax and pour it into the jar

Make candles yourself - containers made of glass, lavender, wood

Wait a bit until it cools down

Making candles yourself - DIY scented candles with lavender

Your DIY candles are ready!


Make candles yourself, green plant, large scented candles with lavender

DIY scented candles with coffee beans

Make candles yourself - small, white, round candle with coffee beans

Use teacups as candlesticks

make candles yourself - pour candle in coffee cup

Cool DIY candles in the form of heart

pink diy candles in the form of heart

Colorful DIY candles from candle scraps and pastel crayons

Make candles from candles and pastels yourself

DIY gel candle with dried flowers

make candles themselves - gel candle with flowers

make candles yourself - glass containers with candles, pink flowers

making candles, white candle, glass containers, flowers

make candles - pink candle in teacup

Candlestick from cosamer box, round, white candle, flowers

Make scented candles yourself - round bowls, oils, cinnamon

cool gift - white, round diy candles, matches

Candles are indispensable in any cozy home!

white, round, homemade candles in golden candle holders

big, round, white candle decorated with coffee beans

white teacup candlestick, diy scented candle, caramel

Make scented candles yourself, containers made of glass, clamp, cord

glass jars, lemons, oil, flowers, deco products

DIY scented candles with coffee

make scented candle yourself, pot, green branches, candlesticks

white, round, candle, lemons, bowl, vegetables

Make candles yourself - big, square, pink candles with flower leaves

make candles yourself - ronde, pink diy candle with sprinkles

make pink candles with beach sand yourself

blue teacup with white candle with black elements

Make colorful DIY candles in the form of eggs by yourself

Make scented candles yourself

white, round diy scented candle with lavender, loop, glass container


  • Candle wax or old candle scraps
  • wick
  • cooking thermometer
  • Candlestick of your choice
  • Wooden sticks or straw
  • Two heat-resistant vessels for the water bath
  • essential oil to taste (choose natural flavor oils, otherwise harmful substances may be released during combustion)

Tie the wick to the wooden stick or straw and place it across the candlestick. Mince the wax or the remainder of the candle and melt in a water bath. Now add a few drops of the essential oil in the hot wax and stir well. If you want, you can decorate the candlestick with petals, coffee beans, etc. That depends on the flavoring you have chosen. Pour the liquid wax into the candle holder and let the candle dry.

Also different fragrance combinations are possible here. In this case, add a few drops of the two essential oils to the melted wax.

Make scented candles yourself, white, round diy candle

make scented candles with lemon, small bucket

colorful candles with geometric shapes of candlesticks and pastel chalks

shell candlesticks, pouring small white candles

Use green tea cups with golden elements as a candle holder

metal round containers with white scented candles with vanilla and orange

Pour small candles, bakeware, DIY deco items

red baking dish, small white candles in the form of heart

Make shell candles yourself

candlestick conch, remnants of candles, diy decor

candleslater from shell, small white diy candles

round, white candles in beautiful containers with golden verschmussdeckeln

turning teacups into candlesticks, melting candles

remnants of candles melted and transformed into new candles

white teacup with pink flowers, round, blue diy candle

DIY candle in orange peel

candle holder made of orange, straw, cord, diy candle

diy table decoration, orange candle holder, yellow flowers

beautiful glass container with white diy candles

Diy gel candles with flowers, roses, beautiful table decoration

Make gel candles yourself

blue gel candles with shells, plate, star, gift

For the production of gel candles you need a special candle gel. This can be easily found in the shops. Make sure that this gel melts at a temperature of 80-95 degrees.


  • Kerzengel
  • wick
  • cooking thermometer
  • Candlestick of your choice
  • Wooden sticks or straw
  • Wax color (possibly)
  • Two heat-resistant vessels for the water bath
  • Decorative items that are not flammable (shell, stones, etc.)

Tie the wick to the wooden stick or straw and place it across the candlestick. Melt the candle gel in a water bath. Depending on your taste, you can now also add the wax color. Add a few drops and stir well until you reach the desired color. Decorate the candlestick with the decorative items and pour the liquid gel into it. Wait for the candle to dry.

Make small, round, candles with glitter yourself

pot, remnants of candles melt, glass candle holders

Make candles yourself, tea cups, clamp, cord

Use colorful container tins as candlesticks, DIY candles

Diy pink candles from candlesticks and pastel crayons

white candle. teacup, glasses, diy decoration

Melted candle scraps, teacup with flowers, DIY candle

DIY candles in different colors

colorful diy candles made from remnants of candles and pastel crayons

Turn wine bottle into candlestick, big, white diy candle

Candlestick made of wine bottle, pouring and decorating candles

Diy gel candle with lemons, glass containers

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