Practical tips and ideas on how to sew doorstops

A doorstop is something that every home needs, but not every one owns. Of course, a doorstop can be considered a practical object that keeps the door open. However, sewing doorstops is almost an art because you can combine different materials and shapes. Our team has some nice DIY suggestions on how to make your ideal doorstop yourself.

Stitching doorstops - a real art

three apples full of rice to keep the door open - sew the doorstop

Doorstop should be heavy but not too big. While this item keeps the door open, it must not take up much space. Since we need a lot of space to move especially at the narrow entrance, these conditions are very important. A doorstop can have a cute look, but inside it has to weigh heavily. Rice, sand or stone are the appropriate materials for the interior of the little elephant.

Heavy as an elephant, as big as a mouse - sewing doorstops

an elephant with small elephant motifs with yellow tail and ears for heavy doors

The easiest way is to sew a doorstop bag yourself. Enjoy these three models to inspire. Do not forget to also attach a handle on it, because you will move the doorstop a lot.

Doorstop sack make yourself

three cube-shaped doorstops sew themselves in bright colors, checkered and floral patterns

Let your imagination run wild when you design the doorstop. In addition to the practical function, this also plays a decorative role. Look at these cute shepherds and take our beautiful idea! Sewing and crocheting are an incredible combination.

Sew on the doorstop and crochet

Sew and crochet seven sheep - six white and one black as a doorstop

We like to show you how to make such a doorstop yourself.

Everything you need:

  1. Canvas for embroidery and pattern in a template
  2. A trouser leg of jeans or a piece of fabric with dimensions: 80 cm long and 15 cm wide
  3. Filling of old pillow
  4. Colorful threads

Tools: embroidery needle, sewing machine, scissors and ballpoint pen.


  1. First, transfer the motifs to the canvas with a ballpoint pen to embroider. So you do not need to count the stitches. Follow the pattern until you reach the desired shape.
  2. Second, cut the trouser leg into the appropriate length. Sew the canvas to one side of the fabric. You can do this with the sewing machine or by hand. Release one of the shorter sides of the fabric.
  3. Finally, insert the filling in the hole and sew the sides together.
  4. It's so easy to have a great doorstop!

The final product of this manual

Doorstop Sack with a funny inscription Mind the Gap and cute dog

If you do not feel like sewing, you can get fine door stoppers at Bauhaus!

Sew cute chicken for your own

a chicken with a checkered pattern, yellow beak and legs - sewing doorstop

Doorstop in the DIY shop

Chicken in different color and motives with yellow beak - Sew on doorstop

Pay attention to the dimensions of the doorstop

Sew flowers on a doorstop yourself with the maschtab

Owl with big eyes stops your door

Winter doorstop

Sew a house yourself

Such a beautiful idea!

a boat in different colors, mainly blue with a red flag - sew the doorstop

Simple and practical design

Doorstops sew like a bag for shopping made of coarse cloth with handle

Sewing out old jeans doorstops like cubes, full of heavy things in blue color

Do unique doorstops yourself

House with black ceiling, rows in red, green and white, heart on the door - sew doorstop

If you live with a cat, you probably need to make doorstops yourself

make a pug dog with a brown collar as a doorstop itself

red strawberry looking very delicious in red and green color - Doing your own doorstop

The owl is the simplest yet most beautiful form of doorstop

Sew owl that can transform a mouse - make doorstop yourself

gray owl with heart ornament white buttons as eyes, red wings - sewing owl

Owl sew with their friends - the dog and the cat to guard the door

Owl sew for small and big door in bright colors with flowers pattern

Burlap is an easy-to-process fabric, so you can choose it for your sewing project. Fill the doorstops with heavy materials such as sand. The best shape is from a pillow by sewing a handle to make it easier to move the doorstop. Make the handle either in ribbon or rope. This fabric is considered charming and gives an exclusive vintage look to your room. For example, if you find these pillows too boring, you can stamp something on them. In the picture we see a message to the door - Stop!

That's how it looks!

Stop is written on this doorstop sack written as burlap

A few creative ideas

Elongated doorstop in different colors on a white door - Sew on doorstop

make a snake in different colors with googly eyes and red tongue - doorstop yourself

Doorstop sack in the form of a house with window and door with knob as a handle

Puppies, who watch the door!

a cute dog with dog traces pattern in white color and black buttons

red dog with checkered pattern and red ribbon with black glass beads eyes and nose

Serious doorstops

Make a concrete doorstop yourself and beautify it with sewing and crocheting

colorful patterned cube full of rice and keeping the door open - doorstop sack

an elephant checks in white and white squares white ears and black eyes - doorstop sack

Love to write on three bulb shaped doorstop in white color - doorstop sack

Embellish a stone with crochet and sewing and use it as a doorstop

These adorable models refresh your home

three checkered cat with hearts decoration and embroidered expressions - doorstop sack

Doorstop Sack three cubes in different colors - pink, blue and dark blue

pink turtle with hollow on flowers pattern quite cute - doorstop sack

a cute bag with floral pattern, blue ribbon around neck - doorstop sack

pink chicks with colorful wings and red beak, embroidered eyes - doorstop sack

Robins sew themselves in white color with gray wings - doorstop sack

Have fun creating!

Doorstop Sack in white color with leaves in gray color like a bag

the money keeps the door - a lucky charm for a lot of money - doorstop make yourself

green bag with trees full of heavy stuff serves as a doorstop sack

make a doorstop out of a rope out of concrete next to a white door

Doorstop is indeed heavy, but it can look very much like pillows

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