Make Leporello – make a book quickly and easily

You have free time and the desire for a simple DIY project, where children can participate. Making Leporello is the answer!

What is a Leporello?

Some may wonder what a Leporello is. This is a technique whereby the leaves are folded like a concertina. If desired, an envelope will be added so that the Leporello looks like a real book.

What can a Leporello serve?

Since the Victorian era, this book has many applications:

  1. Illustrated children's books
  2. Postcard series
  3. Photo albums
  4. The latest application - folding flyers

What are the advantages of this booklet?

  1. First, it is very easy to work out.
  2. Second, the whole story can be followed at once.
  3. Third, it serves as a beautiful decoration, if open

Here's a simple crafting tutorial for Leporello's book!

You need:

  1. Oblong sheet of paper
  2. markers
  3. Illustrated or drawings
  4. shave

What are you doing:

  1. First, decide which design you want to create. Read a story or make up your own mind.
  2. Fold the paper in regular intervals. Fold in the middle and then again until you reach the right size and number of pages.
  3. Then open the book again and start to realize the project.
  4. Either you can paint your story or, if you do not feel like it, cut out and paste finished pictures from the magazines. Leave the top and bottom sides free for the envelope.
  5. Small inscriptions can also be added.
  6. The best drawings can be used as an envelope or stick colorful paper on it.
  7. It's so easy to have an illustrated leporello like this one in the picture.

Making Leporello is so funny

Make Leporello - tell a story with many heroes - predominantly white color

You can also make a DIY gift with Leporello Photo Book. Here is the guide:

What do you need:

  1. paper
  2. photos
  3. photo corners
  4. tape

How do you do everything:

  1. Cut the paper in the middle and glue the two pieces together so that it becomes oblong.
  2. Fold in every 10 cm.
  3. Glue the photo corners after measuring the size and length of the pictures.
  4. Attach the pictures.
  5. Cut out a small hole for the tape.
  6. Fold, tie and a gift is ready.

Leporello were based on a gift

perfect DIY gift like flyers fold with ribbon for kid or occasion

You can also create folders with different applications and design. Tutorial lets you create flyers in Word, but Adobe Illustrator is the best choice. The main steps:

  1. Determine the layout of your flyers! It is best to add 3 mm on all sides of standard A4. Then save the document as a PDF.
  2. Design your design. Depending on the program you can apply different features.
  3. Have the flyers expressed in pugnacity.
  4. At the end you fold as you wish and you have personalized Leporello for playing or advertising.

A fun and useful video

Flyers fold for advertising

Make Leporello - you can create and express one on the computer

Leporello delights most of the children. You can help the little one with the folding and then you paint after her Wusch. The end products can be quite amazing.

What did the children design themselves?

every child has given free rein to his imagination, if he has done this Leporellos himself

An abstract story

Make leporello - abstract figures that still tell a story

A gift for the best friend

a Leporello fold as a gift for the best friend with black and white photos

Making leporello is also an art

white and golden ornament like sphere - tinker leporello

With a small punch you can create these effects

to make another form of this design like harmonica - leporello

Small Leporello with photos

yellow envelope, black background, photos from nature - making leporello

Creative Leporello

Leporello make out of cardboard with inscriptions and small pictures in brown color

Leporello make patterns with black and white photos, inscriptions and red paper

Folder with letters from alphabet in different colors with green envelope

Instructions on how to make an envelope for the book itself

a detailed guide on how to make a booklet itself

black envelope looking like a real book folding book with red text

Foldout book

innovative folding book like a rainbow cut out in green, purple, red, pink

A surprise for the beloved teacher

make a folding book yourself for the popular teacher caterpillar motifs

Caterpillar motifs, computer motifs and wolly motifs from a booklet

Faltbücher - old and new

white envelope and colorful leaves in orange, yellow, blue and green color - folder

artificially outdated leaves from folding book with envelope like bark

A folding book that the children have pasted with a story of sun

three beautiful folders that look vintage with buttons as an accent

Think up a design yourself!

Flyer folds - black and white illustrations of birds and trees

Fold flyers by putting smaller papers in between - green envelope

Flyer fold, black and white photos from a city with black envelope

a brown envelope with ribbon and hole, pages like cards - flyers fold

The Leporello tell a story

What is a Leporello - do you want to know more about this story?

What is a Leporello - so many examples that can tell you a lot

what is a Leporello - the drawing of a woman collapsed to tell a story

Black or colorful?

Leporello itself make in black and brown color with white leaves

black leaves and an envelope with white flowers, black ribbon

how to make a few sweet Leporellos yourself from white paper and coloring pages

Folding flyers for a bookstore Make leporello yourself with printed envelopes

My first Leporello

Let the little ones do a leporello on their own with funny characters

Birds are a popular subject

Leporello themselves make with birds and history - white envelope on black dots

Leporello make themselves like from Hitchcock movie with many ravens

Leporello themselves make flowers and birds with inscriptions that tell about it

yellow birds on blue background on the envelope red leaves - making leporello itself

Have fun crafting!

make pink flower and green plant on pictures -Leporello itself

beautiful folded photos of landscape as Leporello make yourself

Folding book - clever way to cut out the parts in gray color

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