Insect hotel build yourself – 69 ideas and building instructions!

The idea for the insect hotels emerged in the early 1990s as an idea for nesting aid for the insects whose habitats are restricted by humans. For by the year 2050, 9.7 billion people will live on Earth. In this way, the movements and the spread of wild fauna are increasingly limited. And we all have to do something to help the wild and defenseless animals. Because the future belongs to the whole humanity. And we are all responsible not only for the preservation and protection of our natural environment, but also for the conservation of all biodiversity. The biodiversity of small insects is also a very important part of biodiversity. The insects really play a very important role in the ecological balance and it is safe to say that living without insects would be unthinkable. For example, bees play a very important role in almost every ecosystem by pollinating thousands of plants! The use of insecticides and pesticides is also a major problem, endangering insect life and biodiversity. But if you want to do something for nature and help the insects, you could, for example, simply build a beautiful insect hotel yourself.

Everyone could build such an insect hotel themselves

insect hotel-own-build-insect-hotels-self-build

As a rule, the insect hotel must be suitable for the needs of the insects frequently found in the area. For this purpose, a preliminary research must be carried out. For example, the wild bees would always prefer a hideout that has only one exit. Unlike Western honeybees, bumblebees are very modest. The butterflies prefer the hay, the straw and the tree barks and so on ...

You could also use straw for this purpose

insect hotel-own-build-own-build-straw-a-hotel-insects

If you build an insect hotel yourself, you must know that the ideal location for such an insect hotel not only full sun, but also must be protected from the weather. Your garden may be ideal for an insect hotel. And it would be better if wild plants, herbs and trees were found near the insect hotel. Because in this way the food is granted to the insects.

With an insect hotel you could not only beautify your own garden, but also help nature a lot

insect hotel-own-build-everyone can-a-mini-insect hotel-own-build

Building such an insect hotel can actually be quite easy. The hotel can also be made of natural materials. For this purpose, you can use, for example, kienäpfel, champagne corks, straw, cut tree slices and bricks. There are many different ideas for an insect hotel on the internet. And the insect hotels could be different in size. Everything depends of course on your personal desire and your options. You really just need to feel like it.

A great idea for an insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-a-nice-insect hotel-own-build

But which tools are needed?

All the tools (cordless screwdriver, drill, hand saw, rose scissors, hammer, yardstick, utility knife, wire cutter, file) that you might need to build an insect hotel could be found and bought in any well-stocked hardware store. Of course, this also depends on your wish. If you want to build a simple insect hotel yourself, you might also need fewer tools.

For sure you will need a drill

insect hotel-a-drilling machine-an-insect hotel-own-build itself-build-

Even the little kids could build a nice insect hotel themselves. That could be a really great idea! Because the insect hotels could also be built for teaching purposes. Thus, parents and teachers can introduce their children and students to the biology of insects and practical conservation.

Your kids could also build a great looking insect hotel themselves 

insect hotel-own-build-insect hotel-build-with-children

If you want to build an insect hotel yourself, you could also use tree bark

insect hotel-own-build-own-build-tree barks-a-hotel-insects

The tree disks are also ideal for an insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-own-build-baunmscheiben-a-hotel-insects

But then holes must be drilled

insect hotel-own-build-with-the-tree disk-a-insect hotel-own-build

You can do this very easily with the drill

insect hotel-own-build build-to-drill-insect-hotel

But you will not only need a drill, but also a hammer

insect hotel-own-build-with-a-hammer-an-insect hotel-own-build

insect hotel-build-own-build-with-a-hammer-a-hotel-insect itself

The drill is just one of the tools you need

insect hotel-a-drilling machine-a-hotel-insect-build self-build itself with-

You will probably also need a handsaw

insect hotel-own-build-build-handsaw-a-hotel-insects

insect hotel-build-own-build-with-meter rod-a-hotel-insect itself

Bricks and hay can be used to build an insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-own-build-brick stones-a-hotel-insects

insect hotel-own-build-own-build-hay-a-insektentotel-

Now we will introduce some really great ideas for insect hotels 

insect hotel-own-build-fancy-insect hotel-build-with-children

Build a small insect hotel yourself - this way, the whole process is really simplified 

insect hotel-own-build-fancy-insect hotel-own-build

If you want to build an insect hotel yourself, you need to know that it must be suitable for the needs of the insects that are common in the area

insect hotel-own-build-bauanleitung-insect hotel

For this reason you need to conduct a preliminary research

insect hotel-own-build-a-fancy-insect hotel-self-build

The Kienäpfel could be ideal for a natural hotel-made insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-a-huge-insect hotel-own-build

Use natural materials to build a small insect hotel yourself

insect hotel-own-build-a-giant-insect hotel-own-build

With such an insect hotel, each one of us can do something for nature and help the insects whose habitats are being increasingly restricted by humans

insect hotel-own-build-a-big-insect hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect-hotel-of-the-garden

The ideal location for such an insect hotel not only has to be full sun, but also weather-protected

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect-hotel-in-garden

And it would be better if there were very different plants near the insect hotel 

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect hotel-own-build-and-the-garden-beautify

Because in this way you can grant the insects their food

own-build-a-insect hotel-own-build-and-the-nature-help insect hotel-

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect hotel-own-build-and-the-environment protection-help

The spaces of such an insect hotel are very different - because the insects have very different needs

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect hotel-own-build-and-the-nature-help

Such an insect hotel is ideal for any garden

insect hotel-own-build-a-insect hotel-own-design

For the construction of this small insect hotel bricks and hay were used

insect hotel-own-build-a-little-insect hotel-own-build

A fancy and hanging on the tree insect hotel 

insect hotel-own-build-a-mini-insect hotel-build-and-the-nature-help

Here's an idea for a pink insect hotel that your kids might like

insect hotel-own-build-a-pink-insect hotel-own-build

The drill will need to drill holes - this will give the insects their spaces

insect hotel-own-build-a-vast-insect hotel-own-build

Here is a good idea for a small insect hotel with holes for the little insects 

insect hotel-own-build-a-nice-looking insect-hotel-own-build

A small Isektenhotel can look really cozy 

insect hotel-own-build-a-nice-insect hotel-build

Each of us - even the little kids - could build such an insect hotel ourselves 

insect hotel-own-build-a-nice-insektenhotell-own-build-and-the-nature-help

You really just have to feel like it 

insect hotel-own-build-a-nice-insect hotel-build-miit-children

Here's a good idea on how to protect your own insect hotel from harmful weather conditions such as wind, rain and frost

insect hotel-own-build-a-great-looking insect-hotel-own-build

If you do not have that much time, you need to know that the whole process can really be simplified

insect hotel-own-build-a-great-insect hotel-build

But if you want to build a huge insect hotel yourself, you could use Euro pallets for this purpose 

insect hotel-own-build-a-great-insect hotel-self-build

insect hotel-own-build-a-really-nice-insect hotel-own-build

Here is a cozy insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-a-really-nice-insect hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build-big-insect hotel-own-build

In such an insect hotel there is room for all kinds of insects 

insect hotel-own-build-big-insect hotel-self-build

insect hotel-own-build-is-here-a-little-insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-this-is-not-an-insect hotel

The Grand Bug&Pest Hotel :) 

insect hotel-own-build-is-here-nor-a-great-in

The different rooms in an insect hotel 

insect hotel-own-build-idea-of-a-giant-insect hotel

insect hotel-own-build-ideas-for-a-insect hotel

Build a stylish insect hotel yourself 

insect hotel-own-build-insect hotel-build

A not so nice looking, but still very functional insect hotel 

insect hotel-own-build-insect hotel-own-build

As we said, an insect hotel could be a great idea for the kids as well 

insect hotel-own-build-insect hotel-own-build-guide

 The insect hotels could also be built for educational purposes

insect hotel-own-build-insect hotel-own-build-and-the-nature-help

insect hotel-own-build-everyone can-a-insect-hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build-small-insect hotel-own-build

This gives parents and teachers the chance to introduce their children and students to the biology of insects and practical conservation

insect hotel-own-build-you can-a-such-insect-hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build-you can-very-easy-a-mini-insect hotel-own-build

Because the children also have to do something for environmental protection

insect hotel-own-build-you can-very-easy-a-insect hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build mini-insect hotel-build

And they can also help the insects a lot if they build an insect hotel themselves 

insect hotel-own-build mini-insect hotel-own-build

insect hotel-own-build mini-insect hotel-self-build

insect hotel-own-build-nice-insect hotel-own-build

Here is a fairytale insect hotel 

insect hotel-own-build-nice-insect hotel-build

With such an insect hotel you can feel connected to the wild nature 

insect hotel-own-build-great-ideas-for-insect hotels

insect hotel-own-build-great-insect hotel-build

Build a mini insect hotel yourself? Why not! You just have to feel like it! 

insect hotel-own-build-great-insect hotel-build-with-children

insect hotel-own-build-great-insect hotel-own-build

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