Build composter yourself – instructions in simple steps

If you have a garden, you also have the chance to compost the waste in a composter for household and garden waste. Because in this way you could also help nature. And you could always just buy a composter. But if you want to save more money, you can also build a composter yourself. Because the whole process is very simple. They just want to have a composter and thus help protect the environment. In this article, we will introduce you to a construction manual. In addition, we show you great ideas and pictures from which you could possibly draw inspiration.

You may often wonder what you can do with the freshly cut grass, the potato peel or other organic waste. In this case, you only need a fencing where the compost can be produced. You could only use four palettes for this purpose. Later, composting is carried out by the decomposition of organic wastes from soil-borne bacteria.

Choosing the right location is also very important to the whole process. The whole construction must have direct access to the soil bacteria. Only in this way can the decomposition of the organic matter be granted. In addition, the location of your home-made composter must be shady so that your composter can be protected from drying out too quickly.

There are also some aspects to consider when choosing the right pallets. First, you should just have some ideas on what your home-made composter should look like. For that purpose, it would be better if you drew a sketch. The size of your composter depends mainly on the amount of garden waste. Have you already selected the pallets? Now you just have to assemble them. For this purpose you will need nails.

The composter has always been a good idea for any garden. And you really will not make a mistake if you build your own composter yourself.

Build a composter yourself? Why not!


Here are some ideas on how to build your own composter yourself


Do you have a garden?


Then you could really build a composter yourself. It's very easy!

composter-own-build-this-is-not-a-composter-from-euro pallets


Thanks to a composter you have the chance to help nature 

composter-build-own-build-from-euro pallets-a-composter-yourself

They should just feel like composting the garden waste 


You could always just buy a composter if you do not have that much time


But it would be better if you simply build your own composter yourself 


Because with a home-made composter you have the chance to save more money 



Many hobby gardeners ask themselves what they could do with the freshly cut grass, the potato peel or other organic waste



You could use these for a compost 


You will need a fencing where the compost can be produced


The composter you have built yourself must have direct access to the soil bacteria


Because only thanks to the bacteria living in the soil, the decomposition of organic matter can be granted


composter-own-build-a-nice-composter-from-euro pallets

Composting is made possible by the decomposition of organic waste from bacteria living in the soil


A composter from the old Euro pallets could also be a great idea for your own gardencomposter-own-build-a-great-composter-from-euro pallets

Do you really want to build a composter yourself? First, you should just have some ideas on how your home-made composter should look like ...


You could also draw a sketch - this way, the whole process can be simplified 


The size of each home-made composter depends on the amount of garden waste generated


And here's an example of a big composter

composter-own-build-this-is-a-great-composter-from-euro pallets

If you build a composter of europallets yourself, you have the chance. to save more money 

composter-own-build-this-is-a-composter-from-euro pallets

For this purpose, you normally only need four pallets 

composter-own-build-this-is-composter-from-euro pallets

Composter - ideal for any garden 


That can be fun!


Build a composter out of wood yourself


And here is another very good idea for a composter from the old pallets

composter-own-build-everyone can-a--composter-own-build

A great looking wooden composter that you might like 


A small composter could also be a great idea 


If you are a hobby gardener, you should build such a composter yourself 


Choosing the right location is also very important 

composter-own-build-composter-from-euro pallets


The location of your home-made composter must be shady


Because this way, your composter can be protected from drying out too quickly




composter-own-build-it-build-could-from-euro pallets-a-composter-yourself

And here are some pictures from which you can draw inspiration 





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