Build a loft bed yourself - more than 100 ideas and building instructions!

Build a loft bed yourself – more than 100 ideas and building instructions!

Build a bunk bed yourself? Why not! This can certainly be a crazy idea, because you can save a lot of money in this way. If you also feel like making your own children happy, you should know that you could create a great decoration for a nursery with a home-made loft bed!

Many building instructions are available on the Internet. But in this article you can find a collection of great ideas and guides. You should know that the whole process is not that difficult. Select at least one idea. And then you can bring this idea to life very quickly and easily, if you follow exactly the steps of a construction manual. Loft bed with wardrobe or better a loft bed with a desk? Or best a bunk bed with wardrobe and desk? These are just a few of the many ideas you might find in this article. Of course, choosing the right loft bed depends on your personal preference. But if you want to build a loft bed for your little kids, the kids should make the final decision. In this way, you have the chance to give your own children a custom-made loft bed. With a self-built loft bed, you can beautify any nursery very easily and all will envy your children.

When choosing the right loft but are still other aspects to consider. As we said before, it would be better if you have a clear idea of ​​what the loft bed you are going to look like. For this purpose you could simply draw a sketch. The look of the loft can also be discussed with the children.

And all the materials you normally need to build a loft bed are very easy to find in any well-stocked hardware store. You need the following machines:

  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • Handkreissäge
  • sander

And here are the tools:

  • To force
  • hammer
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • angle member
  • Brush here are the tools:

And here you will find a detailed list. For your self-built loft bed you need solid construction timber, planing lath, smooth edging and glulam spruce ... If you build a bunk bed yourself, you will certainly make no mistake. Here we also show you great pictures from which you may be inspired to build the desired bunk bed yourself. In addition, we introduce you to some video tutorials, which contain complete building instructions for the high-bed structure and which could help you very much.

Build a great-looking loft bed yourself? That has always been a good idea!

bunk bed-own-build-is-here-a-white-high bed

A self-built loft bed has several advantages

bunk bed-own-build-fancy-high beds-for-children

With a not only self-built, but also very nice looking bunk bed you have the chance to save a lot of money

bunk bed-own-build-fancy-high bed-own-build

A self-built loft bed can really please your kids

bunk bed-own-build-a-such-for-a-bed high-to-desk

With a self-built loft bed, you can beautify every nursery 

bunk bed-own-build-a-the-best-ideas-for-a-loft bed

You just want to make your own children happy

bunk bed-own-build-a-the-best-ideas-for-a-self-made-up bed

With such a self-built loft bed you can create a great decoration for nursery

bunk bed-own-build-a-idea-for-a-loft bed

Do you really want to build a loft bed for children yourself?

bunk bed-own-build-a-half high-loft bed-for-children-build

First of all, it would be better if you just have some idea of ​​what the loft bed you are going to look like

bunk bed-own-build-a-half high-loft bed-for-children

There are quite different variants 

bunk bed-own-build-a-high bed-for-the-little-kids-self-build

In addition, many ideas are available on the Internet

bunk bed-own-build-a-high bed-for-the-girl

We want to help you with the selection

bunk bed-own-build-a-high bed-for-children

And that's why we show you some of the best ideas we've selected that you'd really like 

bunk bed-own-build-a-high bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

Here you will find unusual pictures, from which you could draw inspiration

bunk bed-own-build-a-bed high-itself-build

We hope you can make the right decision this way

bunk bed-own-build-a-child-high bed

The whole process is not that hard

bunk bed-own-build-a-beautiful-looking-high bed-yourself-build

bunk bed-own-build-a-nice-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-a-great-looking-high bed-yourself-build

Just pick an idea 

bunk bed-own-build-a-great-high bed-for-children-build

bunk bed-own-build-a-great-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-for-the-children-bed high-itself-build

And then you can bring this idea to life very quickly and easily, if you follow exactly the steps of a construction manual

bunk bed-own-build-for-the-little-kids-a-bed high-itself-build

bunk bed-own-build-for-your-children-a-bed high-itself-build

Here's an example of a great loft bed with a desk

bunk bed-own-build-for-your-little-kids-a-bed high-itself-build

Half-high loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-good-idea-for-a-half high-loft bed-for-children

Or better a loft bed with cupboard? 

bunk bed-own-build-half high-loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-is-here-a-fancy-high bed

Tunnel for loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-fancy-idea-for-a-loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-great-idea-for-a-loft bed

The girl really likes this idea 

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-half high-loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-half high-loft bed-for-children

Something for the girls!

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-high bed-for-the-girl

Youth room with loft bed: room idea for the teenagers!

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-high bed-for-children

And here is a great loft bed with a desk and closet 

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-bed high-to-desk

bunk bed-own-build-is-here-a-great-high bed

A loft bed with a slide - that could also be a great idea that your kids can really enjoy!

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-a-suggestion-for-high-bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

bunk bed-own-build-this-is-not-a-great-high bed

bunk bed-own-build-are-ideas-for-theme-bed-high-himself-building here

bunk bed-own-build-here-are-still-great-high beds-for-children

Normally, a self-built loft bed does not take up much space

bunk bed-own-build-here-are-great-high beds-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-build

When everything is ready, the little children are very satisfied with their new loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-up beds-for-children-build

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-for-children-build

These are just a few of the many ideas you might find in this article

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-with-desk

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

There are different variants ... Just take a look at the ideas we have selected!

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-with-desk-and-cabinet-for-the-children

Here is an example of how to build a fairytale loft bed yourself 

bunk bed-own-build-it-is-a-high bed-with-desk-and-cabinet-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-up bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-idea-for-a-half high-loft bed-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-idea-for-a-bed high-to-schbeibtisch

The self-built loft bed could also look like a fancy wooden house

bunk bed-own-build-idea-for-high bed-for-children

And here are some ideas for the adults 

bunk bed-own-build-idea-for-high-bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

bunk bed-own-build-ideas-for-theme-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-idea-to-theme-high bed-self-build

Of course, choosing the right loft bed depends on your personal preference

bunk bed-own-build-individually-customized-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-everyone can-a-fancy-high-bed-own-build

Do you already have some ideas of what the loft bed should look like? 

build high bed-yourself-build-everyone can-a-bed-high-

If you build a bunk bed for your little kids, the kids should make the final decision

bunk bed-build-can-each-a-beautiful-looking-up-bed-own-build itself

It looks very cozy, right? 

bunk bed-own-build-everyone can-a-nice-bed-high-itself-build

If you have already decided on a self-made loft bed, this will give you the chance to give your own children an individually designed loft bed!

bunk bed-own-build-everyone can-a-bed-such-high-itself-build

bunk bed-own-build-everyone can-a-great-looking-up-bed-own-build

This idea will please any teenager very much

bunk bed-own-build-everyone can-a-great-high-bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-any-could-a-fancy-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-any-could-a-beautiful-looking-high bed-yourself-build

A self-made loft bed could also be a great gift idea 

bunk bed-own-build-any-could-a-nice-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-any-could-a-great-looking-high bed-yourself-build

Surprise your children with a loft bed built by you

bunk bed-own-build-any-could-a-great-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-any-of-us-can-a-such-high bed-own-build

The materials needed to build the loft can be easily found in any well-stocked hardware store

bunk bed-own-build-any-of-a-could-high-bed-own-build ourselves

For this purpose you need the following machines: cordless screwdriver, drill, circular saw and orbital sander

bunk bed-own-build-children-high bed

If you build a bunk bed yourself, you will need construction timber, planed timber, smooth edging and glulam spruce

bunk bed-own-build-yet-failed-high beds-for-children

You can build a fabulous loft bed for your own children ... And they will be eternally grateful to you!

bunk bed-own-build-yet-one-for-one-for-high bed-with-cabinet

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-fancy-idea-for-a-loft bed

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-good-idea-for-a-loft bed

That makes your kids laugh again 

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-idea-for-high-bed-with-desk

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-idea-for-high-bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

There are certainly many children who dream of such a loft bed 

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-high bed-for-the-girl

bunk bed-own-build-yet-a-high bed-for-children

Now you have the chance to realize this dream very easily 

bunk bed-own-build-yet-slightly-to-theme-high bed-with-desk-and-cabinet

bunk bed-own-build-yet-slightly-to-theme-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-beautiful-looking-up-beds for-children

Let your imagination run wild and build a dreamlike loft bed for your own children!

bunk bed-own-build-beautiful-looking-high bed

bunk bed-own-build-beautiful-looking-high bed-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-nice-high beds-for-children

bunk bed-own-build-nice-high beds-for-children-myself-build

Show your children these pictures!

bunk bed-own-build-nice-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-also-a-high bed-for-children-build

Surely, the little children will be enthusiastic about the idea for a fairy tale bed built by you

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-fancy-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-bed high-itself-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-beautiful-looking-high bed-yourself-build

Here are some ideas and pictures selected by us

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-nice-high bed-own-build

We hope that these pictures can help a lot in choosing the right highbed

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-such-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-a-great-high bed-own-build

Have you already made the right decision? Then you can build a bunk bed yourself! 

bunk bed-own-build-it-can-always-a-bed high-itself-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-myself-a-fancy-high bed-self-build

bunk bed-own-build-it-myself-very-easy-a-bed high-self-build

bunk bed-own-build-toll-looking-high bed-yourself-build

bunk bed-own-build-great-ideas-for-theme-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-build-great-high bed-own-build

bunk bed-own-built tunnel-for-high bed

bunk bed-own-build-and-here-is-a-bed high-to-desk

bunk bed-own-build-suggestion-for-a-bed high-to-desk-and-cabinet



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