Making good luck – 41 cool ideas for congratulations

We wish you good luck! You do not have to be superstitious to have a little good luck charm with you. And this one gathers full power when made by himself. See our incredible suggestions Make good luck charms.

  1. Four leaf clover is so rare and a symbol of luck. If you have found such, you can put in a small box and always carry with you. The four leaves symbolize hope, faith, love and happiness.
  2. It often happens to find a horseshoe. This is itself to beautify and to hang on the door. If, despite your best efforts, you do not discover a horseshoe yourself, make one. Cardboard becomes beautiful models. But we wonder if home-made horseshoes are as good as real ones.
  3. The bunny paw gets every luck except the rabbit itself. The fluffy lucky charm can be hung on a beautiful chain.
  4. The pig is kept from the animal responsible for financial success. That's why the piggy bank is in this form. Need money, make a piggy as a lucky charm.

On New Year's Eve give away small lucky charms that should serve all year round. These gifts are valuable, even if you do not believe in them, because they show the affection of the giftgiver. A little luck is always useful, right?

Make creative lucky charms

gluck bringer-tinker-bald-end fluid`s-in-different-colors

Shamrock and ladybug - twice successful

craft template-shamrock-a-Ladybugs-in-the-middle

Making good luck charms - you always have the shamrock with you

craft template-shamrock-and-a-chain

Happy lucky charm crafts

cool-craft ideas-little-book-and-tree

Unique design of good luck charms

cool-craft ideas-cross-of-horseshoe

Oriental painted stone as good luck charm

cool-craft ideas-stones-paint-with-symbols-of-glug

These cute dolls bring much success

gluck bringer-tinker-achtfuser-with-glasses

Tortoise is a symbol of longevity

gluck bringer-Crafts Bracelet with-smaller-schildkrote

Make bracelets yourself and decorate with symbols

gluck bringer-tinker-a-small-figure-of-hand

Tiny, yet auspicious

gluck bringer-tinker-small-lantern-to-hang

Cool craft ideas

gluck bringer-craft Small-star-in-chain

gluck bringer-tinker-with-spring-and-stones

gluck bringer-tinker-with-greens-stone

gluck bringer-tinker-with-small-stone

gluck bringer-tinker-with-crystals-on-chain

Turn different items into a lucky charm

gluck bringer-tinker-earrings-with-symbols

glug-bringer gifts bracelet with-hairstyles

gluck bringer-gifts-in small-box

Symbolic objects are perfect luck charms

gluck bringer-yourself-make-from-china

gluck bringer-yourself-make-from-silver

gluck bringer-yourself-making three-of-RIBBONS

Some plants are also known to bring good luck

gluck bringer-yourself-do-for-gifts

gluck bringer-yourself-do-with-a-plant

gluck bringer-yourself-making plant with-

Making good luck charms for the New Year

gluck bringer-yourself-do-so-ever

gluck bringer-yourself-do-as-acorns

gluck bringer-yourself-do-as-origami

The king of good luck - the horseshoe




Give away a ring that you made yourself


small-glug bringer-three-colorful-armbande

Luck symbols exist in all world cultures

small-glug bringer-a-fox-on-tasse

small-glug bringer-handmade-to-sell

small-glug bringer-in-black-oriented

Here you will find unusual lucky charms

small-glug-bringer with-mysterious-symbols

small-glug-bringer with-small-anchor

small-glug-bringer with-small-stones

small-glug-bringer game with witness

small-glug bringer-like-a-fish

small-glug-bringer like-wise-Lowenzahn

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