Amazing ideas on how to decorate mason jars

Our team will introduce you to a great DIY decoration idea. Namely, you can be pretty Decorate mason jars. Previously, the mason jars should only serve for preservation. However, we have already seen in the basement of Omi that the jar can turn into an art. Take a look at our picture gallery to convince yourself of the variety of deco glass deco.

Here's an easy way to decorate glasses! In some steps, you create a deco that is suitable for rooms, ceremonies or weddings - mason jar with lace!

What do you need:

  1. Lace with pattern - you can also use pieces of old curtains.
  2. adhesive
  3. scissors
  4. brush

What are you doing:

  1. First, measure the mason jar to determine how much tip you need. Make sure you have the exact height and circumference of the glass.
  2. After that divorce the sufficient piece of lace.
  3. Apply glue to the whole mason jar.
  4. Gently stick the top on the glass.
  5. Finally, press the tip regularly with the brush to the surface, so that the decoration sticks well.
  6. If the edges of the tip remain, cut the threads with the scissors.
  7. As an accent, tie a string to the top of the mason jar. If desired, you can also light a candle in it. That produces beautiful light effect.

We look forward to your own DIY projects! Collect inspirations now!

Decorate with mason jars and burlap jars

beautiful decoration for wedding - decorate mason jars

Very smart decorate mason jars

create a construction of glasses yourself - decorate mason jars

Pink mason jars decoration

Pink lace, white ribbon and little rose - decorate mason jars

Decorate with candles mason jars

Mason jars decorated with beans are hung on the fence and candles are inside

Decorate the glasses for Christmas

Mason jars decorate with trays for Christmas

Decorated mason jars like vases

golden vases with fresh roses - decorate mason jars

To convey a message with the ornament

Mason jars decorate with the inscription Love when they are next to each other

This is done by binding a string around the jars and coloring it.

fairytale mason jars decorate with white paint, light and sail

Unique technique for painting

Decorate mason jars - white decoration with snowflakes colored with brush

Decorated glasses as a gift

Decorate jars for a healthy gift with cream mason jars

Decorate glasses with cards

Valentines Day Gifts for Best Friend - Mason Jars Decoration

The final products of our guide!

different types of flowers as mason jars decoration

Ribbons and lace with forms of flower and heart - Mason jar decoration

three different figures made of lace - Mason jar decoration

Lace decorated glasses for vases - Mason jar decoration

Burlap figures and glass beads as mason jars decoration

Enjoy our further suggestions!

autumnal mason jars decoration - three great ideas

Decorate luminous glasses - cut the lace from old curtains

Decorate the privacy screen with fresh flowers

autumnal mason jars decoration with colorful arbor and candles

To decorate canning jars on occasion

Mason jars decoration full of love colorful skullcap and interesting etiquette

Burlap mason jars decoration - rustic deco for wedding

purple mason jar decoration for Halloween, a graveyard with monsters

Decorate Christmas glasses - colorful balls in red, white and silver

Various materials for decoration

Mason jars decoration - flowers, buttons and ribbons in different colors for each jar

Mason jar decoration - acorn on the ground, hung on a wire

small fruits - jam decoration and green branches in the kitchen

Easter decoration

Happy Easter to say deco with preserving jars

clever mason jar decoration with applications of rabbits and chicks

Unusual ideas!

Artful craft with glasses - paint with a brush and candles to the light

Crafting glasses - vases of glasses golden ribbons of fresh flowers

Tinker with glasses - learn to cook with a recipe

Crafting with glasses - making snowballs yourself with a small fir-tree

Crafting with small glasses - deco of lemons and glue

Mason jars that are real eye-catchers

Crafting with glasses - burlap and lace in combination

Glasses full of artificial snow and silver lids

Decorate the glasses for Christmas - with small branches and balls, fairy lights and brocade

Decorating glasses for Christmas - putting in the snow outside, like cottage with lights

Mason jars for party

Crafting with glasses - work out spooky figures for Halloween

Acorn, use grain in preserving jars decoration

Decorate glasses for a fun game, then you can write the name

Glasses decorate with materials that we have collected outside

Discover the best DIY projects!

Decorate glasses in blue paint and cover with sackcloth

Decorating Christmas glasses - friends written with golden letters in bell

Decorating glasses - coffee and candles in the middle

Cut the lace from old curtains and decorate the glasses

Dye the glasses in different ways

Create with dots figures in yellow blue and white decorate glasses

White flowers to decorate the glasses - books, in the garden

Decorated mason jars as special gifts

DIY Gift for Mother's Day - crafts with glasses

mason jars filled with fairy lights for country style decoration

three colors of lace to decorate the mason jars

decorate with a crystal mason jars and a glass bead

homemade snow globe from old mason jar with snowman

Interesting and original decoration

Jam jars decorate for a kids birthday party

Garden decoration for wedding party outside - DIY glass decorate

Decorating marmalade jars with burlap and lace sheathed

many hearts in the design of this great glasses deco

Have fun crafting!

The liquid in glasses can produce lighting effects - decorate large glasses

Lace and burlap in combination like flowers - decorate large glasses

Decorate large glasses - simple design with roses

Spring decoration with glasses - many flowers in corresponding colors

Decorate Christmas glasses - Advent wreath with branches and candles in glasses

Decorate glasses for Christmas - with paper, candles and crosses

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