Fancy a cup of coffee? 45 photos to inspire!

Fancy a cup of coffee? 45 photos to inspire!

Do you know what the story of coffee is?

"After a 1671 by Antonius Faustus Naironus in his book De saluberrima potione cahve Legend has it that shepherds from Kaffa, a kingdom located in southwestern Ethiopia, once saw some of herds of goats, which had eaten from a bush of white flowers and red fruits, lumbering into the night, while the others Animals were tired. The shepherds complained to monks at the nearby monastery. As an Abyssinian shepherd (whose name is often with Kaldi given) even tried the fruits of the shrub, he also found an invigorating effect in itself. Investigations at the site revealed that the monks discovered some dark green plants with cherry-like fruits. They made it an infusion and from then on stayed awake late into the night, praying and talking. Other sources say that the shepherd spit out disgusted fruit in the raw state into the fire, whereupon fragrances were released; That's how the idea of ​​roasting came about. "Source

Why are we telling you this? Because we want to make you think that drinking coffee is much more than a purely automatic activity in the early morning. A cup of coffee brings with it a whole culture.

Take a look at our inspiring pictures now and let yourself be convinced that the coffee culture is full of magic!

A cup of coffee means much more!


This is not just a cup of coffee ... This is coffee culture!

brown-cup-coffee-and-coffee beans

And what kind of coffee do you drink?

three coffee cups photo-from-above-taken

A beautiful good morning!


Making coffee is a kind of art!


From him for her ...


We drink at least one cup of coffee a day!

elegant-image-coffee-white-cup-coffee beans

Good filter coffee, taken from above

taken filter coffee-photo-of-Up

Another inspiring picture of filter coffee

filter coffee-very-interesting

A "little" cup of coffee :)


What did we say? Making coffee = art? :)


This cup of coffee is a real eye-catcher!

interesting-form coffee

interesting-coffee form

interesting-coffee-beautiful-form interesting-image-of-coffee

coffee art - white coffee cup

coffee-bear - original idea

Coffee bean and back-end in white

coffee beans - and a white cup

coffee-in-the-nature - green coffee beans

coffee cup-heart-kaffeebohnen


smiling-coffee - white cup

real-coffee - nice picture

beautiful coffee-figure


beautiful white-coffee cup Background-in-white

beautiful white-cup-coffee


cup-coffee-outside-brick wall



coffee - green beans - cool picture


white-cup-coffee-and-coffee beans

world-wallet coffee beans

two-interesting-white-mugs-coffee-coffee beans

two coffee cups-on-the-wooden-terrace-in-forest

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