Ceramic cat figures - a unique world!

Ceramic cat figures – a unique world!

If you're a real cat lover (like us!), You'll understand why we want to devote an entire article to the cat world. Thousands of ceramic catfish figures in the world are not seen by the others. We therefore decided to change this tendency a bit. Therefore, our wish comes to show you some great examples of ceramic cat figurines. We have nothing more to say! Just have fun with our cute and creative cats!

Cat figures made of ceramic as a decorative element

cat figures-of-ceramic-alice

Soooo long is the cat!

cat figures-of-ceramic-boot

"I just know it!"

cat figures-of-ceramic-brown

"And his eyes were so blue that I immediately fell in love ..."

cat figures-of-ceramic-bunt

An orange cat love is not to be underestimated

cat figures-of-ceramic-three orange

Cats with smiling faces

cat figures-of-ceramic-family

"My fish, it's my fish"

cat figures-of-ceramic-fish

Ceramic cat figurines as cups and mugs

cat figures-of-ceramic-glass-funny

Well, I have a nice cock, right?

cat figures-black from-ceramic-glass-

Who does not belong to this family?

cat figures-of-ceramic-gray

"If I was not so gray, I would rule the world ..."

cat figures-of-ceramic-gray

"Tell the designer that Green Cats do not exist!"

cat figures-of-ceramic-green

Ceramic figurines as jugs or vases

cat figures-of-ceramic-pot-gray

"Well, what's in it now ?!"

cat figures-of-ceramic-pot-green

"Do you know us or have you seen, heard, said anything ?!"

cat figures-of-ceramic-funny

Ready for the tea party

cat figures-of-ceramic-mom-and-children

"I just wanted to have a cup of milk ... Is it that much?"

cat figures-of-ceramic-breed

Orange or black - what cat is reading more?

mugs of-ceramic-cat-figures


cat figures-of-ceramic-plate

cat figures-of-ceramic-plate black

This is called "beautiful head"

cat figures-of-ceramic-vase

My sweet kitten

cat figures-wall-of-ceramic-deco

Live in peace

cat figures-of-ceramic-wall-with-mouse

We think she loves the same cat with the blue eyes ...

cat figures-of-ceramic-white-sad

Cat-in-cloud perspective

cat figures-of-ceramic-cloud

"I do not need one who is normal. I just need someone as crazy as me! "

cat figures-of-ceramic-two-friends


 If you have more interest in these figures, you can spend more on the personal designers and sellers pinterest.com Find!

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