Wall mural Book Wall - Smart Decision

Wall mural Book Wall – Smart Decision

Books are invaluable to most people. Although with all these modern technologies our attitude towards reading has changed a lot, our honor to the book remains unchanged. You have access to all necessary information and get it instantly. The book also has sentimental value. It reminds us of events or people and has the ability to inspire and reassure us. Often the book gives us the answer we could not find until this moment. That's why our books need their own special place in our apartment.

Everyone has at least one book collection at home that includes their favorite books. Without questioning their meaning, we suggest something innovative that deserves your attention. It's about the ultramodern Wall mural Book Wall. This can not replace the conventional bookcase, but makes a great impression. Although the Wall mural Book Wall are only painted books, shows interest in reading. Do not forget that this is currently very up to date and houses, offices and bars are decorated with it.

Wall mural Books wall can also be seen in the restaurant


Mural books wall in the restaurant-resized


Wall mural Books wall is getting more and more in bars


Mural books wall in the bar-resized

Colorful photo wallpaper Books wall combined with beautiful yellow chair



colorful photo wallpaper books wall-and-yellow chair-resized-resized

Wall mural Bookcase perfectly fits your modern home


Mural books wall-to-home-resized

There is a wide variety of graphics and you can choose between old and new book drawings. These can "have" leather or paper cover. The shelves can also look white or wooden. Books can be painted differently or grouped by color.

Beautiful white sofa with contrasting photo wallpaper Books wall 

Books Wall with colorful books-resized

nostalgic atmosphere is easily done by the white-black combination


a white and luxurious variation of the book wall


Wall mural that looks old

Mural books wall with old-books-resized

suitable for office photo wallpaper book wall

Mural books wall with retro look-resized

Mural books wall with stairs-in-front-resized

fresh ideas for the home that can be realized in a small space

Mural-small bookshelf-resized

Mural-with-klassichem look-resized

The photo wallpaper book wall can also be background for other items that appear as accents

practical interior decision-resized

Thanks to the photo wallpaper, all your books can be the same color

stylized books wall in cream-color-resized

Newspaper style on the photo wallpaper and on the kisse




Stmmt that the Wall mural Book Wall an optical illusion. But it just looks fantastic!

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