Easy-care indoor plants – 18 suggestions!

Are the plants especially close to your heart? Would you like to enjoy it in the house all year round? The green plants bring life into the house, but some have special requirements for how to care for them. Sometimes it is very demanding to find the best environment in your house for such "difficult" plants. For example, it's about the light, the warmth and the water the flowers need to feel good and thrive. If you can buy a few of these factors of the plant, please do not lose hope yet! There are also for such apartments, where the environment is not so plant friendly is a solution. There are also easy-care indoor plants, which are beautiful and most importantly - that they can develop well without many care. Look at our examples of such easy-care indoor plants, so you can find the right one for your taste and room.

Easy-to-clean indoor plants for home - the palm tree needs little Humidity!


Easy-care indoor plants: The dragon tree gets by with little light.


The Efeutute requires little water - important for the easy-care indoor plants.

efeutute_im-bedroom green-plant-in-living room

The lucky bamboo was in Asia as a symbol fFor luck, success and health given away, it requires little light.


The bow hemplonger survives longer periods of drought.

green-house plants arc-hemp-beautiful-living idea


green-house plants arc-hemp-in-home

The elephant foot is not regular watering necessary.office plant-perfect-solution elephant foot-white-pot

Ficus Benjamina or Birkenfeige - the most popular plant for the home.

Easy-care-houseplants-ficus benjamina-in-red-cup-with-flower

Ficus benjamina-in-the-corner-in-pot-care-very-easy

ficus benjamina-very-easy-care-plant-stoppers for-home-four

The beautiful lemon tree is better to move in the summer on the balcony or terrace.

lemon tree-exotic-and-suitable-for-the-bedroom

Citrus plants Grooming Lemon Tree houseplants-fresh

The antler fern is the perfect traffic light plant - does not like direct sunlight.

great-platycerium-in-pot-easy-care-house plants

platycerium-houseplant-care easy-apple

Once watering in two weeks, the limb cactus will suffice perfectly, and in addition to that, you will enjoy the flowers several times in the cold season.

members cactus-flowering houseplant-pink-flower

The growth-loving green lily is also content with unusual locations on cupboards or in shady places. And need little water.

potted plants-green lily-chic-and-easy-care


houseplant-green lily-maintenance-and-beautiful

green lily-suitable-for-the-office-or-to-home

green lily-beautiful-houseplant-a-window




Wreath loop - beautiful flowery plant!

blooming-houseplant-Stephanotis_floribunda Wreath loop-white

beautiful houseplant-Blooming Wreath loop-by-home

White Wreath loop-beautiful-houseplant-by-the-house

wonderful-Stephanotis floribunda Wreath-loop-blooming-houseplant




Cheese Plant

window leaf-very-interesting-plant-for-you
Easy-care-houseplants-window leaf-interesting-leaves-large

Rose of Jericho

easy-care green-rose-of-jericho-beautiful-houseplant-to-

The popular yucca palm is characterized by the fast growth out.

yucca palm-than-houseplant-in-big-pot

Yucca gloriosa-with-three-stalk

yucca palms-easy-care-green-beautiful-houseplant



zamiokulkas-in-orange-cup-with-beautiful-scroll in-room

The money tree is insensitive and undemanding.

Three-green-money trees-in-pots-maintenance-house plants

popular-houseplants-money tree-in-blue-pot

These easy-care indoor plants will make the apartment cozy and beautiful.

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