Blue eyes emphasize: some cool tips!

Did you know that only 8-10% of the world's population has blue eyes? Imagine how few women have blue eyes - probably half that rate. That might explain why blue-eyed ladies are considered to be particularly charming and attractive. In most cases, blue eyes are a sign of purity and tenderness. Plus, you can make them twice as nice - just with a few make-up tips.

The art of make-up is to emphasize the most beautiful thing we have. You have blue eyes? Excellent! Then you have to learn how to emphasize blue eyes can - simple, yet effective!

Women with blue eyes need to use the soft color palette - purple, brown and pink, in some cases, silver and gray. The soft colors contrast with the cold eye color and help to lift the eyes. Here's a little trick you can use - depending on the intensity of the color of the eyes, use a tone of darker shade to accentuate the eyes even better.

The blue shadows accent the beautiful blue eyes:

blue-eye stress-blue-make-up

If you want to emphasize blue eyes, you should try to avoid the black color.


Opt for purple, blue, orange, brown ...


Here is a great depiction that shows very well how to emphasize blue eyes:



Choose the right eyeliner:

Blue-eyed ladies should avoid the black eyeliner if they want to accentuate their eyes. Better choose brown tints. The black color would draw attention to the dark outlines of the eyes, while the soft brown eyeliner would make the blue color of the eyes more noticeable.

The eyeliner should not attract attention:


So make-up fall the blue eyes right in the eye! :)


Neutral color schemes look very natural


Maybe it's surprising, but blue eyes look adorable with green make-up:




What about the mascara?

The same applies to mascara - lighter colors are the better choice. It is good if the eyelashes are long, but the color should not attract attention. For example, if you combine lighter shades such as pink or purple with a brown pencil, be sure to use a mascara with a similar color.

Emphasize the blue color of your eyes and not the black color of your eyelash.


A wonderful combination of green and blue nuances:




blue-eyes-emphasize Long Eyelashes

Bleached shades are to be preferred

blue-eyes-stress-make-up tips





Blue eyes accentuate





Rouge and lipstick

To complete her make-up, stay on bright colors again. Rouge and lipstick should be bright. Depending on the occasion, of course, you can opt for different nuances. But if you want to emphasize your blue eyes, we recommend that you avoid the dark red lipstick. Not that that does not look nice, but ... you wanted to emphasize your eyes, not your lips, right?

If the lipstick is transparent or neutral in color, you can emphasize blue eyes.

blue-eyes-emphasize Gorgeous Face



This face looks pretty, but the accent falls on the lips


These were just a few tips. Of course, you can do numerous experiments with your makeup. Last but not least, the makeup also depends on other factors: hair color, skin color, face shape, occasion and so on ...

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