The charming hair color caramel

So warm, so romantic - the hair color Caramel, which has already conquered the hearts of so many women, is enjoying great popularity even today. No wonder: This stunning hair color looks very seductive and is really adorable. In addition, it fits well with many skin types, hair structures and hair lengths and offers numerous possibilities to change your own look completely. The hair color Caramel is a real eye-catcher and it is worth to try it out. Look at our ideas for caramel hair and find the perfect caramel nuance that will give your hair a soft sun kissed look!

Hair color Caramel: the trend

hair color caramel, soap hair with curls, beige evening dress with crystals

The hair color Caramel is actually not a new trend. Only now does she get the recognition she undoubtedly deserves. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and others. have already opted for this sweet shade, making it one of the latest hair color trends for 2018. The hair color Caramel is soft and natural, warm and very nice. In contrast to the traditional blond and brown shades, it seems somehow mystical and fairytale, making it the perfect choice for any woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. The modern caramel color will surely appeal to many ladies. But who is this beautiful hair color best and how to choose the right shade for your skin type? Now we will inform you.

When is the hair color Caramel the right one for you?

hair color caramel, medium length curly hair, dress with short sleeves in gray, blue and black

The hair color caramel is much more than just a shade between red and golden brown. In fact, it comes in many different nuances and shades and can therefore be easily adapted to your own skin type. Whether caramel brown, golden honey color or maybe caramel blond - the choices are very much. But what do you have to consider to choose the right shade for your skin type?

Caramel is a warm color, which is why it is best for women with a warm skin tone. If you have a medium-dark skin with a warm undertone, then you can make no mistake with this hair color. Choose a caramel color with rich golden nuances and use special cosmetic products that preserve the beauty and shine of the color for longer.

The hair colors with golden nuances are usually not well suited for women with cool skin types. If your skin is very light, pale and greyish, you must choose the right color very carefully, otherwise it can make your face look tired and older. Opt for a caramel shade without golden undertones. Also, use silver shampoos to counteract yellowness.

How is the desired caramel nuance achieved?

hair caramel, woman with pony hair in caramel, long earrings with feathers

Of course, once you have selected a caramel shade that best suits your skin type and you like it the most, you'll need to learn about the color process. Depending on how dark your hair is and whether they are colored, tinted or natural, the steps may vary. If you already have light hair, the color process is quite simple: your hair just needs to be dyed to the color you want. The hair stylists often mix two or even three different shades to achieve the right color and create beautiful visual accents. However, if your hair is dark, it must first be lightened and then caramel colored. This dries the hair and can damage it, which is why proper care after dyeing is necessary.

Modern look without big changes

hair color caramel, jessica alba with side hairstyle with water waves, large silver necklace with crystals

If you are looking for a hair color between blond and brown, caramel is the perfect choice. But if you are not ready for a drastic change and you do not want to dye all your hair, then you can opt for, for example, caramel highlights or dip-dye. Highlights, dip-dye, etc. are innovative hairstyle solutions that you can use to spice up your look. These modern color techniques offer a multitude of possibilities to experiment with colors and nuances and also have many advantages:

  • Caramel highlights and dip-dye tips make every hairstyle more interesting and look great.
  • The caramel highlights are a good solution for women with dark hair who want to set gentle accents in their hairstyle.
  • Caramel highlights and dip-dye tips are a great solution for women with cool skin types who want to have caramel-colored hair with golden nuances.

Caramel hair care properly

hair caramel, long caramel blond hair, white evening dress with sequins

Caramel is a warm glowing hair color. Unfortunately, it loses intensity after every wash. To preserve the beauty of the wonderful caramel color for a longer time, you must therefore take care of your hair properly. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that:

  • Do not wash your hair for at least 2-3 days after dyeing, as it is during this period that the hair fades the fastest.
  • To preserve the luminosity of the color, do not wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. If necessary, use a dry shampoo to refresh your hair between washes.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for caramel hair.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water, because the too hot water rinses off the color molecules faster.
  • Look for a sulfate-free shampoo: Moisture loss is a major cause of color loss. Sulfates get salt and therefore remove moisture from the hair. As a result, they become dry and lose their luminosity faster.
  • Avoid unnecessary heat: dyed hair can be damaged more easily. Be sure to apply heat protection products and use blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons as rarely as possible.
  • To protect your dyed hair from the sun's harmful UV rays, use special UV protection products.
  • Do not let your hair stain too much. If your hair is growing fast, use products like Neck Karschiersprays etc.

The water waves will make your caramel-colored hair shine

caramel hair color, blue evening dress made of chiffon, side hairstyle with curls

Since caramel is an intermediate color, it can be combined very well with all the nuances of the traditional hair colors blond, brown and red

hair caramel, long hair in ombre look, brown hair with caramel strands

The hair color caramel looks very feminine, warm and romantic

hair color caramel, cheryl cole with modern hairstyle with curls, make up

The beautiful new look of Jessica Alba - caramel-colored hair with a dark neck and blond accents

caramel hair color, jessica alba with hairstyle with water waves and orange evening dress

Jennifer Lopez undoubtedly attracts everyone's attention with her caramel-colored mane

caramel, jennifer lopez hairstyle with pearly-tail hairstyle and blue chiffon evening dress

caramel hair, jennifer aniston with black evening dress, caramel blond hair

hair color caramel, medium length curly hair, evening make up

Caramel-colored hair with honey-colored nuances

caramel blond, woman with blue eyes and smooth caramel blond hair

caramel hair color, woman with caramel red hair and gray chiffon evening dress

caramel brown, curly medium-long hair in brown and caramel brown, white dress

caramel brown, trendy hair colors, light brown hair with caramel brown nuances

Caramel is perfect for red hair color lovers looking for a natural look

caramel hair color, long hair in caramel nuances, gray evening dress

caramel blond, curls with side hair, caramel brown hair with caramel blond tips

caramel blond, hair in caramel blond nuances, pink make up

caramel hair color, woman with caramel colored hair and black evening dress

Emma Stone has always impressed us with her enchanting hair color

caramel hair color, emma stone, medium length curly hair with bangs

caramel hair color, long smooth hair in caramel nuances, dark red lipstick

caramel hair color, angelina jolie with black evening dress and modern hairstyle with curls

Dark brown hair with caramel-colored tips

caramel brown, woman with black dress with long sleeves and hair in ombre look

caramel brown, medium-long hair in brown with caramel-colored tips


caramel brown, light brown hair with caramel tips, sombre

caramel blond, emma stone with white evening dress with long sleeves

The caramel-blonde hair looks somehow noble

hair in caramel blond, white lace evening gown, natural make up

caramel blond, wet look, caramel hair with blond strands

caramel blonde, side hairstyle with water waves, caramel hair with caramel blond strands


hair caramel, beyonce with black lace evening dress with long sleeves

hair in caramel blonde with blond strands, trengide hair colors

medium length curly hair in caramel blond, black dress in combination with gold necklace and belt

hairstyle in caramel blond with blond strands, tredige hair colors

Caramel-blonde hair with dramatic caramel highlights

long curly hair in caramel blond, white dress with short sleeves

honey-colored hair, natural make-up, medium-long hairstyles

Woman with honey-colored hair, big sunglasses and white shirt

caramel brown, caramel brown hair with blond strands, trendy hair colors

caramel brown, medium-length hairstyle in ombre look, brown hair with caramel-colored tips

Caramel-colored accents for princess!

caramel brown, medium long brown hair with caramel strands

honey-colored hair, jessica alba with black dress, long straight hair

medium long hair in caramel brown, blue evening dress, macke up

long honey-colored hair with blond strands, black dress with golden sequins

honey-colored hair with brown strands, evening kame up in brown

Honey-colored hair, woman with medium-length curly hair and natural make-up

honey-colored hair with caramel nuances, natural make-up

The caramel highlights make hair a real eye-catcher

honey-colored hair with brown nuances, smooth long hair, trendy hair colors

hair caramel, hairstyle with water waves, blue evening dress with crystals

hair caramel, woman with blue eyes and curly caramel colored hair

hair caramel, silver evening dress, karabell colored hair with blond strands

hair caramel, hairstyles in caramel brown with caramel blond nuances

hair caramel, ariana grande with brown evening make up and trendy hairstyle with a small braid

Caramel-colored hair with red nuances

hair caramel, side hairstyle with water waves, hairstyle with curls, make up

caramel hair color, woman with long caramel hair and denim jacket

caramel hair color, caramel red hair with a brown neckline, silver evening dress

hair-caramel brown, brown hair with caramel nuances, evening make-up

hair-caramel brown, medium-long hair in caramel brown, evening make-up in brown

hairstyle caramel brown, woman with bob hairstyle in brown with caramel scabby points

An extremely natural look

long honey-colored hair, trendy hair colors for women, everyday make-up

hair color caramel brown, black pants in combination with striped blouse in white and black

caramel brown hair, honey-colored hair with brown roots

caramel brown hair, bob hairstyle in caramel brown with caramel blond strands

Caramel-colored hair with carabine-colored accents

long curly hair in caramel blond with blond strands, trendy hair colors

caramel brown hair in ombre look, hair in caramel shades with a brown approach

caramel brown hair, medium length curly hair with caramel brown tips

caramel hair color, smooth hair with caramel brown nuances

hair caramel brown, hair in obre look, trendy hair colors 2018

caramel brown hair, medium curly hair in caramel red with caramel blond strands


caramel hair, woman with medium-length caramel-colored hair, trendy hair colors

hair caramel, woman with black blouse and caramel red hair with caramel blond strands

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