140 rockabilly hairstyles: inspired by the 50s!

The 50s hairstyles have left their mark on the fashion world. In the past, they were popular in the US. Nowadays they have an influence on the global fashion. They are very specific and require more preparation than the current hairstyles. Therefore, many women believe that the Rockabilly hairstyle is a real challenge. Although you need to do a research in advance but it is definitely worth it! In addition, you do not necessarily have to have a special haircut. If its about Rockabilly hairstyles goes, every hair length is appropriate. In this post we will show you that both long and short hair can be made in rockabilly style.

The most popular rockabilly hair colors are black, platinum Blonde and red. Also bright strands are added to the whole glamorous look. The colorful, harsh tints are an essential part of rockabilly styling. Great bows, artificial flowers, wide hair, dotted or striped bandana scarves and funny hair bands: all these accessories are a must for any chic lady who wants to make her hair rockabilly authentic.

One of the most typical elements of rockabilly styling is the short, round bangs, also called "Betty Bang". With Victory Rolls you can make a beautiful pony. Another idea for 50s hairstyles are the lush waves with retro look or the pin up hair.

Popular stars present the Rockabilly hairstyles in their own peculiar way. Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and, of course, the burlesque dancer Dita von Teese know best how important Rockabella (the female version for rockabilly) is for their unforgettable look. (In the post below you can see pictures of these stars and their interesting hairstyles).

We found out a video that could be of use to you. Step by step, the whole process:

How can you actually make a rockabilly hairstyle? At the very beginning you have to toup your pony whistles. Make yourself strong volume, because it is indispensable with these hairstyle types. To do this, you need to use a lot of hairspray. (Choose a good hair spray.) Roll the ponyparty over your hand and twist the tips inwards. You then have to fix the roller with hair clips. Do not forget: the hair clips must be as invisible as possible! After the pony styling you can comb the hair up with a round brush. Then pluck the other strands inward in a similar way. There has to be a great madness. Fix the great again with hair clips (invisible! :))

Rockabilly hairstyles give the woman a sweet and charming look

hairstyles-medium-length-women-50-years-style rockabilly

Without Toupieren and fixing it's just not possible :)

50-years-hairstyles-yourself-make-blonde-ambitious-hair-with-hair band

Bandana cloth that contrasts with the black hair

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-very-great-make-up

The hair jewelry is indispensable when it comes to Rockabella


Artificial flowers are often preferred, especially if they are red

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style red-flower-and-beautiful-makeup

Dotted hair towel and gorgeous rockabilly make up

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style makeup-great-hair band super

Flashy flower behind the ear

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style gorgeous-make-up

Bright colors for an unforgettable look

rockabilly style 50s - flower stuck in the hair

Long hair with lush waves

rockabilly hairstyles-very-beautiful-long-brown-hair

Here is a modern variant

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-very-tasty-makeup-long-hair

Accessories, accessories and again accessories! :)

hairstyles-the-50s-elegant brown-rockabilly-hair-with-curls

A rockabilly pony who would attract everyone's attention

rockabilly hairstyles-professional photo-orange hair

Short blond hair with wonderful curls

rockabilly hairstyles-sweet-woman-with-red-lips

Enjoy this little retro gallery in black and white now

rockabilly hairstyles retro hair-photo-in-white-and-black

rockabilly hair band short-hairstyle-photo-in-two-color

rockabilly haircut-interesting-blonde-hair-black-background

rockabilly hairstyles Gorgeous photo-of-a-blonde-woman-in-black-and-white

A unique contemporary interpretation

rockabilly hairstyles-very-tender-young-lady-with-blond-hair

Rosy accents for a friendly mood

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-great-women-with-long-hair

Bandana cloth combined with great matching lipstick

rockabilly-hairstyles-50s style-super-make-up-and-red hair band

Big red dotted loop

rockabilly hairstyles-headband-in-red-color

Such dotted hair towels are great today

rockabilly hairstyles-dotted-hair band orange hair

Rockabilly hairstyles are characterized by extravagance

rockabilly hairstyles-red-bow-brown-hair


Make-up is an important part of the look of the Rockabella lady :)

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-beautiful-blonde-long-hair

Elegant raised hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyles-beautiful-red-lips-and-blonde-hair

hairstyles-women-long blue-hair-rock billy-styling

Platinum blonde rockabilly hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style medium

Reddish interesting retro hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style send-orange hair

 Fashionable lady with a rockabilly styling

rockabilly-hair-interesting wallpaper great-haarband

Extravagant accessory stuck in the hair

rockabilly hairstyles-blonde-hair-provocative attire

Rockabilly hairstyle decorated with artificial flower

rockabilly hairstyles-women-beautiful-blonde-hair-red-lips

The red lipstick looks gorgeous

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style medium-elegant ladies'

This rockabilly hairstyle is not really that hard to do

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style cool-brown-hair

A very striking interpretation

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style long hair

rockabilly hairstyle Beautiful brown-hair

trend hairstyles-women-rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-very-interesting

To create an aristocratic look

rockabilly hairstyles-light-colored-woman-with-blond-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-making itself

rockabilly hairstyles-headband-in-red-and-blonde-short-hair

Bandana cloth around the head

rockabilly hairstyle-with-hair band dot-updo-50-years

Unique shiny hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-very-nice-soft-blonde-hair

50s hairstyles-blonde-hair-hair band in red

Effective red streak


The beautiful burlesque dancer Dita von Teese

Dita Von Teese-rockabilly-for-by-retro hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style black-lure

hairstyles-50s blonde-short-hair


hairstyles-50 rockabilly-hair-red hair band



hairstyles Long hair blonde-hair-rockabilly-style

hairstyles-rockabilly-victory-rolls-open-hair-style-retro-women-hair styling

hairstyles-even-do-rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-very-cool-long-hair


short hair hairstyles-with-pony-rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style

pin-up hairstyles-rockabilly-hair-50-years-styling

retro hairstyles-rockabilly-hair-super-idea-for-women

retro hairstyles-very-interesting-rockabilly-idea-for-long-hair

rockabilly wallpaper short-beautiful-blonde-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-long-brown-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style brown Long-smooth-hair-beautiful-makeup
rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-elegant-short-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-elegant-black-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style big-hair band

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style hair band

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-half-long

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style interesting wallpaper

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-interesting-blonde-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-interesting-long-blond-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style long-brown-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style long-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style fun-short-hair

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style pin-up hair-haarband

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style pink-hair-medium

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-beautiful-brown-hair

rockabilly hairstyle elegant-woman-with-ambitious-hair

rockabilly hairstyles-dark-brown-hair-red-lips

High-set hair that looks very conservative

rockabilly hairstyles and elegant-lady-with-ambitious-hair

rockabilly Hairdressing extravagant and blue-hair

rockabilly hairstyles Fancy-decoration-for-the-hair

There are so many creative rockabilly hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyles Fancy Red-hair

rockabilly hairstyles flash-red-hair-and-haarband

rockabilly hairstyles retro look-create-medium-length-hair
rockabilly hairstyles-very-beautiful-blonde-hair

Hah! Look very cute!
rockabilly hairstyles-sweet-blonde-lady-with-red-lips

rockabilly hairstyles-many image-of-a-pretty-woman-with-hair band rockabilly hairstyles-four creative wallpaper reddish-hair

rockabilly hairstyles-white-long-hair-red-lips

rockabilly hairstyles-beautiful-flowers-in-the-black-hair-plugged

rockabilly hairstyles-two-interesting-photos-retro

rockabilly hairstyle-green-hair band red-lips

rockabilly hairstyle-with-lure-red-hair

rockabilly hairstyle Chic-woman-with-blond-hair-and-sunglasses

rockabilly hairstyle and black-hair-red-hair band

rockabilly hairstyle-two-women-with-brown-hair

rockabilly-hair-beautiful-blone-50s hairstyle

rockabilly pin-up hairstyles-from-the-50s-years

Katy Perry with a rockabilly hairstyle



white-flower-in-the-red-hair-plugged rockabily-hairstyles-great-

rock-n-roll-hairstyle-chic-blond-hair-with-a-red hair band

More inspirational rockabilly hairstyles

great-hairstyles-with-hair band rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style


vintage hairstyle-for-confident-women-rockabilly styling

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style effect full-makeup

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style hair band and-nice-make-up

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-very-interesting-make-up

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style-great-make-up

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style unikales-make-up

Make up ideas for women with rockabilly hairstyles

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style attractive-make-up-ambitious-hair

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style attractive-and-interesting-make-up-red-hair-and-haarband

years-style hair band and super-make-up rockabilly hairstyles-50s

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style sexy makeup

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style make-up soft-hair-super-

Chic rockabilly hairstyles for men



rockabilly hairstyles-men-interesting-short-hair-out-the-50s

rockabilly hairstyle-for-men-photo-in-white-and-black

rockabilly hairstyle-for-interesting-men-photo-in-black-and-white

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style men-mode-interesting-ideas-for-haircut

rockabilly-style men-extravagant-long-hair


50-year-hairstyle-for-men-rockabilly styling


This is also modern today!

rockabilly hairstyle 50s-style men-mode

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock'n'Roll and a fan of rockabilly hairstyles!





retro-photo-of-elvis-presley rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men-elvis-presley

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men-elvis-presley-beautiful-hair

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men-elvis-presley-unikales photo

rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men-black-hair-elvis-presley

black-and-white-photo-of-elvis-presley rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men

rockabilly hairstyles-elvis-presley-great-hair

super wallpaper rockabilly hairstyles-50-years-style-for-men-elvis-presley

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